Maryland/DC Tasting Groups

Looking to get connected with more of you in the Baltimore/DC area. I’m in Baltimore Co. Let’s get in touch or spearhead a new meetup.


Hey Brady, sorry for the late reply, but Im up in Harford County looking for some folks to drink with. Early 40s professional type with a wife who barely tolerates my wino ways. So I am often a solo adventurer looking to drink some better than average stuff with some like minded folks. My cellar is sort of all over the place, but I’ve been slightly focused on Washington and Barbaresco, with a solid assortment of Oregon PN and Cali cabs.
Summer time is a bit tricky to find a convenient time for everyone, but I would be stoked to see if we could pull something iff around like September? Or whenever really.

Any other folks interested in something up this way, as in perhaps closer to Baltimore than DC?? Which isn’t to say I would be opposed to driving if need be…

Brady - I’m in the city and would love to spearhead a meetup…even if it’s nearly a year after your post.

Yes, let’s do this soon. Sorry for the delay from me in this thread…Glad you replied. What are you thinking timing-wise? This month is preferable for me (vs March)

Add me to the “interested” list (from AACo.) Hard to find wine drinkers around here it seems.

MoCo here. I’d love to meet some MD winos.

Jumping back in here - would folks like to look far ahead and get a date on the cal for say October to meet up? Happy to host at my place (we have a proper dining/wine room) or we can look for a restaurant with reasonable corkage $. I’m in the Pikesville/Owings Mills area.

October is always busy and tough to predict for me with kids’ fall sports and activities. I’d be in for something in late June, July, or August.