Marker showing you participated in the thread

Might have missed this one, but in the old forum one of the features I liked the most was the small black dot on every thread I posted in. It was a super quick visual way of identifying the thread I want to look up again as I participated in that thread. For some reason that feature is now gone??

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Yeah, I used that all the time also.
I see there’s a blue dot to the right of new-to-me threads but I haven’t seen a marker of this sort. At least not yet.

Bump to see if anyone can explain how to do this or if it just isn’t included anymore.

As far as I can tell it’s not present with defaults. Looked for plugins/themes to do it and so far didn’t find anything. “My Posts” gives JUST such thread (plus or minus transitioned threads). Agree it would be nice to be have in any view though.

Threads you are tracking have the visual indicator of how many new posts. So other than a thread you’ve posted in and are fully up to date on, that comes fairly close… You could configure tracking to only be threads you reply in (turn off the “read for 4 minutes” preference in defaults).

I miss this as well

The black dash just shows the last thread I was in, regardless of whether I only opened it, or posted in it. At the top links me to threads I posted in. But I miss the black dot.

My posts gives you all of it in a neat little section

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+{whatever number we’re on}