Margaux - visiting Clos du Jaugueyron

Julian’s accounting reminded me of this wonderful write-up of a visit with Francois Pinon, if in a less raucous style: Drinking & Driving With F. Pinon

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I don’t recall seeing this wine at local retail. Does anyone happen to know the US importer? Or, if a national distributor has it?

Thanks Robert, I haven’t opened any of mine yet so this is great to know.

I would not be at all surprised that the H-M 16 tasted better than some earlier Margaux, especially the 2012 I tried recently which was a little disappointing.

The quality gap between their three main wines is quite subtle - having tried the 2010s together I know there definitely is one in that vintage, but the H-M is certainly the best value.

It’s good to see a thriving family business amid all the conglomerates in Bordeaux.

I have bought these from Chambers.

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Got mine from Crush.


Great report with a “you are there” feel to it.

This is very much of an insider’s wine, not one for label drinkers.


Thanks Alex and Pat for those kind words

We were reminiscing last night about our various visits and all agreed that this was at least top three, possibly the best. When we visit châteaux, what counts is not the grandeur of the buildings or the serried ranks of steel vats - which are much the same everywhere, but the human touch, meeting the people behind the wines, getting glimpses of their lives and understanding the challenges that they face - and of course you can’t get more “real” than sipping wine in their kitchen!

Yeah, I loved reading this, definitely gave the your are there feeling, best way to describe it. I found myself smiling at the idiosyncrasies in the best possible way (Happy you didn’t run her over lol). Sounds like a fantastic experience with amazing and gracious hosts.

Thank You for sharing.

@Julian_Marshall I’m getting ready to order some Margaux Clos du Jaugueyron and the 16 is in my cart. There are also some 17 and 19 that are staring me in the face. Did you have a chance to try these two vintages and if so, I’d love your impressions!

I only tried the HM 2019 briefly this summer, which was predictably very good! I would be happy with both those vintages in my cellar anyway.

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The 2016 Medoc is damn good. I’d grab either vintage with this producer.

No 2016 but I’ll grab a couple of 19s and give them a go :+1:

Edit: ended up being more than a couple since I can get them for 22 euros delivered to my door!


Me too! Probably the same place - Vins Etonnants? They’re good.

I had a Clos du Jaugueyron Haut Médoc 2010 on Friday: just a lovely wine. Like a Margaux CC, it bested Du Tertre and Marquis de Terme, tasted alongside it. Wonderful tastes of wild strawberry and red cherry. It totally transcends the vintage, so no spicy notes nor excessive alcohol.

I am happy to pay the asking price for the Margaux and Nout cuvées (I couldn’t resist the 17 and 19) but I wouldn’t say they are good value - although fair prices in view of the quality. The Haut Médoc however is a real bargain.


Yes, Vins Étonnants. But they seem to be pretty overwhelmed with the Foire aux vins right now!

Is there no US importer?

I’m beginning to hatch a cunning plan.

I don’t know if there is a US importer, but Chambers Street Wines in New York City has a small selection from time to time