Incredibly I see that there’s no margarita thread on this forum. With tomorrow being Cinco de Mayo, it seems like an apt time to get a thread going. I myself am basically a complete beginner when it comes to mixing margaritas, but I love drinking a good one, so I’d be quite grateful for any tips at all. What are your favorite tequilas and triple-secs (or other liquers) to use, both for high-end and “everyday” margaritas? Proper mixing proportions? Types of salt? Etc. Looking forward to learning and mixing up some drinks for dinner tomorrow.

I like a 2:1:1 mix, generally 1800 Silver, Cointreau, fresh lime juice, on the rocks, no salt. I’m not opposed to substituting Triple Sec for the Cointreau. Becca makes a lime flavored salt that I use every twice in a while.

just whipped up a batch last night…

2 cups of Key Lime juice (also added about 6 mexican limes and 1 blood orange), 1.5 cups of Reposado Tequila (I used Herradurra), 3/4 cup of Citronage and 1/4 cup of simple syrup (white sugar, water, vanilla bean and lime rinds that were steeped while making the syrup)… turned out quite well.


Yeah, I took your idea with the lime and Morgan’s with the vanilla bean, which adds some depth, but is not noticeable… the blood orange is also a nice citrus note

I squeeze mexican limes and sweeten with Agave sweetener. This is the key to a great mararita, IMHO. The right limes and the agave sweetner are 90% of the battle.

After that I prefer Heredura reposado or comparable and Cointreau.

I generally mix 2 parts juice : 2 parts tequila : 1 part cointreau

I’d take Cuervo and Triple Sec w/ lime juice over good tequila and Cointreau with sweet & sour.

I like agave syrup, they didn’t have any at the store (I forgot to pick some up at Whole Paycheck and didn’t want to return since I was already at the liquor store)…so I made the simple syrup instead…but I am more than happy using agave

My mom used to have a mexican lime tree. If you let the limes ripen sufficiently on the tree you didn’t even need to sweeten the juice. Made the most amazing margaritas. Sadly the tree succumbed a few years back and she hasn’t replaced it.

I totally agree!
Scott, I’m stealing your recipe for tomorrow night (except I’ll use agave juice).

Not surprising that in this crowd nobody goes for the “frozen” version.

I think drinking my Margarita out of a “slushy” is a terrible distraction.

And if you have a good tasting Tequila, having the drink “pure” and on the rocks gives you a great chance to appreciate the flavors.

I’ll be making a couple tonight, with some Mexican dishes for supper.

Seems to be a general consensus that reposado is the way to go, fresh lime juice obviously. But frankly, there’s no way I’m going to squeeze enough key limes for all the juice these will require. Persian limes will have to do. There is dinner to make, after all.

So Scott is the only one who’s said how much sweetener he uses. How much agave nectar do you guys add to your mix?

There are a million way to make a margi from the poor man’s Cuervo & Squirt to spending 200 bucks on the ingredients.

Start with a decent quality blanco. I avoid the cheap tequilas because I want to be functional in the morning. Usually the 100% blue agave tequilas in the $30-40 range do well. Herradura, Cazadores. Don Julio, 1800 are all pretty available.

Use fresh limes

Triple Sec or Cointreau, whatever is in your budget. You can skip either by using agave syrup and water instead.

On the rocks usually, but I say if it’s a hot day and before 5 pm then blended is okay. For blended you can use the bottled tequila mixes to keep costs down especially if you’re serving a group of people.

When I’m feeling rich I’ll go with something like 2 parts Casa Noble or 7 Leguas tequila, one part Cointreau, and one part fresh lime juice over ice with maybe a little salt on the rim. I used to get Patron silver but the price has gone wacky.

Jaime, I have a stand juicer which I use for all citrus except limes, I use one on those green “squeezy” things… you cut the limes and then just go to town, can get 2 cups of lime juice in no time flat…

I posted a pic on FB of a margarita I made in Florida a couple of weeks ago and a discussion ensued… lots of people recommended Citonage, which I just bought yesterday for the first time…I like it…nice balance… better than Grand Marnier for sure… on the fence with respect to contreau, I only use triple sec in frozen margaritas

I just sweeten the juice to taste. As soon as the sugar balances the acid you’re there.

I also wouldn’t omit the orange liqueur, that wouldn’t really be a margarita. I guess then just a tequila sour.

If its all going in a blender then expensive tequila is usually a waste of money and you won’t get the best results. All that ice and mix means you need stronger flavored tequila or it will taste like a lime mix slushy.

The same thing applies to Cointreau versus triple sec. Tasting the difference straight up can be a challenge. Once they go in with all the other things its a bit meaningless. You just want to get some of the orange liqueur flavor. Grand Marnier is noticeably different than those two though.

Don’t project your lacking palate on me buddy :wink:

I don’t think Cointreau vs. Triple Sec is a massive difference but I think if you’re using good tequila you should use Cointreau and I think you certainly can taste the difference.

Indeed. I was making reference to what I said in the first paragraph where if you are throwing a bunch of stuff in a blender or with a lot of mix then you are just tossing money away. If you are making a low mix drink up or on the rocks then definitely use the good stuff.

I’m in the 2 parts tequila, 1 part lime juice, 1 part cointreau camp. On the rocks, no salt.

  • fresh lime juice

  • 100% agave tequila:
    A plato is my go to, specifically Siete Leguas. Reposados can be nice too; sometimes I’ll mix them together. For me, Anejo is too oaky and is best enjoyed for sipping. The one exception is my best friend’s Dad; he can somehow use anejo in his margies and the result is mind-blowing.

  • Cointreau
    Sometimes I’ll add a floater of grand marnier and cut back on the cointreau.

    If I’m making margies for a crowd, I will pre-make pitchers that include a touch of fresh OJ and agave nectar along with the usual ratio.

2 parts Herradura silver, 1 part fresh lime juice, splash of Cointreau (never Triple Sec), lots of ice, shake well.