Marcel Servin Chablis 1er and Grand Cru

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I wanted to introduce myself. I have been a wine collector for over 25 years. I love Burgundy, Champagne, and dessert wines. I recently joined Tom_K as co-owner of Wine Solutions, so from time-to-time I will be posting wine offers.

I want to start with an offer for Marcel Servin Chablis; If you know of Servin at all, it’s from the “Domaine Servin” wines. These are different in that they are the personal family wines, and they are only made in years when the wines are “perfect” according to winemaker Francois Servin, who is the 20th+ generation of his family Servin to make Chablis wines. Francois took his personal vines from the family Domaine, Domaine Servin, to create Domaine Marcel Servin. The name, Marcel Servin is in respect for his father, grandfather and great grandfather who were all named Marcel.

The trademark of these wines is the incredible complexity they achieve in the nose and palate, with long and fresh finishes. Because of the longer elevages and careful malolactic fermentations, they are accessible a little sooner, but can also age gracefully in the cellar. These are elegant on the palate, but densely flavored and buttressed with well-integrated acidity. The fruit here tends to range from ripe, fresh citrus to pear and green apple.

Multiple Grand Cru White Burgundy Under $100? Servin’s Favorite Sites - US Low (

In this offer you have:

2020 Marcel Servin Chablis

2020 Marcel Servin Vaillons 1er Cru

2021 Marcel Servin Preuses Chablis Grand Cru

2020 Marcel Servin Bougros Chablis Grand Cru

2020 Marcel Servin Blanchot Chablis Grand Cru

Any questions on this offer that you want a fast response to please use the order link which will bring up an email that will go directly to either me or Tom. I don’t check DMs/replies here as fast.