We must be on some secondary list as another post was talking about '15 pinot noir being distributed. Weird.

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Bruce, see my post a little ways back explaining why you will often see newer vintages in the marketplace.

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I have seen a few new reviews for unreleased (at least for mailing list members) Marcassin vintages on Jeb Dunnick and Wine Spectator. Does anyone have information on a release date?

Their release date is their release date. No, not a tautology, but rather just how they do it.

I saw the '15s reviewed, but no '14s (can’t remember if there was an issue in '14–that was a long time ago for me).

Looking forward to the next release, whenever it may be. The good news is that these wines are so frickin’ age-worthy it almost doesn’t matter when they release them. The only other California Chardonnays I’ve found with similar aging is Aubert.

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Heads-up–Marcassin mailer hits SoCal today!

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looking forward to it!

just got mail offer today as well. wish they did online ordering

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Just received the letter tonight in NYC. Anybody interested in looking in to some shared shipping to the city?

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Has anyone’s checks cleared? I responded within two days of getting the envelope and no cashing of my check.

My check just cleared and sent it in nearly a week after the letter arrived since I was out of town. You should be fine. Now when it actually ships, who knows?

How much is the Pinot off the list? I just had my first Marcassin Pinot (2006) and now I totally understand the following.

$150/bottle before tax and shipping. To get it to PA with a 3rd party shipper its approx $180/bottle all in.

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Received an email yesterday from “The Whole Marcassin Gang”: “Weather permitting, your wine will ship 11/7/22 via FEX.” I’m in Northern California. Looking forward to getting into these . . .

Got an offer in the mail to buy the 13s. Guess I will see if they cash my check. Have a few 13s already a friend shared with me.

I just got a letter/offer to buy 12 bottles of the 13 Pinot Noir. 150 each. Shipping to my state is 20 per bottle…

I do not remember when I signed up for their list, or why. Probably read something about them on this site… I have not ever had one of these wines, or any Marcassin for that matter. Figured I’d try them anyway and ordered the minimum allowed of 4. What other wines do they make/sell? Do they have different Pinots and Chardonnay? Anything else?

I can’t remember the last time I wrote a paper check or licked a stamp. Felt nostalgic and made me appreciate a simpler time, not too long ago.

Im guessing no one knows but worth the ask…when is the next offering? or maybe better luck asking what is the lastest any reviewer has tasted and scored a marcassin wine…ie next wine to be offered to us?

Wish I knew.
Last Parker review I show is March, 2016.

Shoot, I didn’t notice and respond to the offer letter until last Wed. Crossing my fingers!