The Marcassin team called and assured me that they would replace my case. J champagne.gif

Does anyone have an idea when the Pinot offering is coming? I know it was mentioned in the last mailing, but couldnā€™t remember if there was a time attached to it!

It stated Oct/Novā€¦so, we are obviously beyond that timeline. Typical Marcassin!

Anyone take pity on a fellow Beserker and sell 3 Chard, I shall write a poem in your honor! Please PM meā€¦live in Louisville/40204. TIAā€¦

Same thing happened to me but with Caterwaul

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assuming others, like myself, have still not received Pinot mailer?

I got mineā€“it came with an offer of an engraved 3L in a custom wood box.


No, I have not received one yet.



Anyone receive a Pinot offering and willing to share, please DM. A life long ambition to tryā€¦

No mailer for me yet . . .
Anyone else?

received 7 days ago

ā€œWe have no update for the timing of the 2013 Marcassin Vineyard Pinot Noir release at this time, except it is coming soon.ā€

How was this sent? I got nada!

it was a response to an email i sent asking about timeline

Anybody anything? Still nothing here . . .

Still nothing here too.

Nothing here either!

So interesting that the last allocation/offer was 2013 Chardonnay. And yet you see recent IG posts (from reliable posters) tasting the 2015 Chardonnay? And not a peep about the 2013 pinot noirā€¦this winery has to have the most curious release process.

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The mailing list (direct to consumer) is only one way they sell their wines. They also sell to restaurants as well, and much sooner than to the mailing list. Thatā€™s why you are seeing some younger vintages tasted (and even possibly being bought at retail - if the restaurant that bought it is connected with a retail shop.)

Got my 4 bottles of 2013 back last November

Just waiting and at some point will get a USPS letter or email on a release. Just wait and see

4 bottles of 2013 Chardonnay or Pinot Noir?
I received my 2013 Chardonnays delivered in 11/2021 but havenā€™t heard anything about the 2013 pinot.