Mama's Pecan Pie

One of my uncles always said that a “pee-can” is what you keep under the bed at night.

The rest of the family - including his sister, my Mama - ignored him.

I kid you not - that is EXACTLY what my grandfather used to say. But he was from Hell’s Kitchen in NYC - a post-war Southern transplant.

Since I normally am in charge of making a Pecan pie for TG, and usually use corn syrup, I had to give this a try this year - definately a home run and will use this recipe in future years!!

Only problem was that I was so full from dinner I only had a small sliver to try and was expecting to take a piece home, but there was nothing left!


It’s that time of year again (getting there). So this is a “standard” 9-inch pie pan? I’m thinking the 10" scalloped tart pan I have in mind will want closer to 1.5 cups of pecans (?). And has anyone tried mixing additional finely ground pecans into the filling…?

Regarding crusts, back in the day I was the crustmaker, wielding a robust Canadian pastry blender with wires stout enough to withstand manhandling without bending; Androck was the brand, if memory serves. But wifey makes the pie crusts these days. She uses the standard Cuisinart recipe and the crusts are reliably flaky and good… I’ve been replaced by a machine. At any rate, the crust is much better than it has any right to be, considering how easy it is.

You have done me a great service, Mr. Wright.

Made this tonight x 2, and indeed a winner! Great recipes from here 2 nights in a row! Thank you Robert! -mJ

Can’t wait to make this pie this year, thanks for sharing!

I’m glad Mama’s Pecan Pie has been a hit.

Please allow me to also recommend, for your holiday baking, Mama’s Apple Sauce Cake

Just saw your question, David. Yes, 9", standard not deep dish.

Thanks, Bob. My two sisters are coming down for a long Thanksgiving weekend… we are making Mama’s Pecan Pie and a pumpkin cheesecake.

We will be having Mama’s Pecan Pie once again this year.

Mama’s pie is in the oven!

Just took ours out

Just ate mine! yum!

None of my in-laws like pecan pie. Why then, did I have to elbow my way in to make sure I got a piece? Hmmmmm.

Thank you counselor Fleming! [worship.gif]

I ate my first piece and when asked how I liked it by my wife, I exclaimed, it’s ALMOST better than sex, but damn sure easier to get.

Best pie I ever had…almost a custard quality to it.

I bet I gained 3 lbs tonight.

Thank you sir

I’m happy you enjoyed Mama’s Pecan Pie.

At my house this year, we enjoyed Mama’s Apple Sauce Cake:

Mama’s pecan pie was a huge hit yesterday. Wonderful recipe.

A hit here too. Thanks again Robert.

Mama’s Pecan Pie is not as sweet as pies made with corn syrup and I think that is why I liked it so much.

Thanks again for posting the recipe; it was enjoyed by all at our table.