Maison Harbour 2014 Burgundy Grand Cru and 1er Cru (Buy Two Get One Free)

Oh Happy BeserkerDay!

Four years ago we quit our jobs working in finance and moved to Burgundy to stick our feet in some of the best Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes we could find. Now, here we are with our second vintage, 2014, shipping this Spring.

To get a better idea of who we are, hit play on the video below to see the highlights from our 2014 harvest.
[vimeo]109045994[/vimeo]Our goal with Maison Harbour and our limited production (<500 cases) wines is to connect directly with people who love wine. Berserker day gives us a special opportunity to do just that. We are so excited to have the chance to share a couple of our wines from the 2014 vintage with you today. So grab a few bottles while they last and try these wines that we put so much more than just our feet into.

Berserker Grand Cru

The offer is simple, buy two get one free.
Corton Grand Cru 2014
2 Barrels | 586 Bottles Produced
109 EUR / BottleThis works out to be less than $80 a bottle!

Berserker 1er Cru

We don’t want anyone to go thirsty, so we decided to offer a Chardonnay as well… same deal, buy two get one free.
Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru ‘En Remilly’ 2014
3.5 Barrels | 1,042 Bottles Produced
90 EUR / BottleThis works out to around $65 a bottle!

The Details

We have 8 of each of these 3 packs available for you today.

Shipping will be invoiced at 15 EUR for a 3 bottle pack… but why not order a Grand Cru 3 pack and a 1er Cru 3 pack or just double down on one of them and catch an even bigger deal, FREE SHIPPING!

To order, just send us an email, Please provide your shipping details. Invoices will be emailed and payment can be completed by credit card online.

Wines ship Spring 2016!

Nicholas & Colleen Harbour

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Maison Harbour | Burgundy, France
24 rue Chanson Maldant | Savigny-lès-Beaune 21420

More Burgundy!!! And unlike some OTHER shall-be-unnamed small producers in Burgundy, you can actually expect this one to show up!!!

I tasted the 2013 ‘En Remilly’ twice and it was silly good! Would have to guess the '14 would follow in stride.

He has my order. It’s evening in France. Hope to complete the transaction tomorrow. Off to a wine dinner tonight.

Out having a Birthday/Haggis dinner at Andrew and Emma Neilsons (le grappin)… Obligatory scotch whisky! Photos to follow when I get home.

Hope to visit and taste in person in a couple months… :wink:

Why would you CHOOSE to have a haggis dinner??? [barf1.gif]

Why haggis??? not sure… but its Andrews Birthday and that is whats on the table! Awesome dinner Emma!

No back to wine… Colleen and I are almost sold out of our 3 packs! We are going to put up an offer that will be hard to pass up. Watch for it :wink:

Obviously it is late here in France!

We are putting out 4 cases of our Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2014 for a special price of 300 EUR / case (12 bottles). There are just 4 of these… they are already on the pallet and will be shipped to the US in 6 days. Shipping state-side is mid March.

12 Bottles / 300 EUR - FREE SHIPPING
Limited … 4 Cases

Burghound gave us 88 points for the 2013… one of our first professional reviews and it was blind! The 2014, bottled a few days ago and labeled yesterday, is proving to be even more delectable.

Allen Meadows…
From the Canadian/American couple Colleen and Nicholas Harbour. (Passionné de Vin Imports, San Diego, CA).

2013 Bourgogne: (only 490 bottles produced or slightly more than 1.5 barrels). An exceptionally pretty nose features plenty of spice elements on the purple fruit, in particular plum, that are trimmed in just enough wood to notice though I underscore that it is extremely subtle. There is excellent richness to the very round, delicious and sophisticated medium-bodied flavors that possess excellent depth and length on the suave and slightly rounded finish. This is a seriously impressive effort for a “simple” Bourgogne; indeed I was served this blind and thought that it was a villages level wine. I was later told that this is from declassified Vosne vines though I do not know this for a fact. Either way, it’s extremely good and worth considering plus it should reward mid-term cellaring. 88/2019+

Hoping to get a 3 pack of the Berserker Grand Cru.

Still got 2 more Berserker Grand Cru packs… and 1 more Berserker 1er Cru pack!

Grab them while they last…

btw… the photos of our birthday evening with… Le Grappin, that were promised!

Nicholas, my wife has a message for Yoges: Miss you beaucoup!, heart the Chick Crew

Todd–Haggis is one of my favorite delicacies. Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it.

Email in for an order. It is really late in France

Huge Berserker thank you to everyone who took part in the 7th annual BerserkerDay! Todd has done something truly amazing and we cannot thank him enough for his roll in all of this.

I am not sure what happened to me last night at around 2am… it might have had something to do with the Haggis and Whisky, but I woke up this morning with a laptop next to me in bed and an inbox full of orders. Awesome show of support and interest!

For Colleen and me, one of the greatest rewards of being in the wine industry is connecting with people like you… sharing, enjoying and loving wine… and well, life! It is such a pleasure to be included in this wonderful community.

Thank you all and as always,
Nicholas & Colleen Harbour

What the heck… it is Burgundy Thursday!

For anyone still browsing and is in the mood for some Burgundy, we still have 2 cases of our Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2014 available. I posted some other information about this, a review, a photo, etc. yesterday in the thread… it’s up there! This is a case deal, 300 EUR + FREE SHIPPING!
Bourgogne Pinot Noir
4 Barrels | 1,202 Bottles Produced
25 EUR / Bottle

  • FREE SHIPPING on the Case (12 bottles)

Is any of this wine coming to Portland? :slight_smile:

Hey Beau! If you want it… It will come!

Nicholas, I missed out on this, this time around, but I will be buying some of these! Great to see you on here! M.

Do you have a distributor here? Maybe it’s easier for me to go through them…my friends who attended your recent dinner here have raved about the wines.