MacDonald Vineyards Dinner Monday, July 8th

I am organizing a dinner for Graeme MacDonald on Monday, July 8th at Vinegar Hill House in Brooklyn.

This will be the first official tasting of his wines.

A couple of seats have opened up.

Right now the cost is $65 (plus tax and tip) for a three course meal.

Graeme is donating his wine and some of us are going to bring an old school Cab.

Another young superstar winemaker will be in attendance so it should be a great night to discuss the past and future of California Cab.

Please PM if you are interested in attending.

Had a last minute cancellation, if anyone is interested email me.

Sadly I’m on the wrong coast but I have been wondering when this venture would arise. Where is Graeme sourcing Cabernet from?

Glenn - His family has owned a piece of To-Kalon since the 1950s. Historically it has gone into the Mondavi Reserve.

Not they they ever made any good wine from those grapes right? Somewhere packed in my new garage sit the 91, 94 & 97 Mondavi Reserve Cabs.

Sounds like an excuse for a party! I will bring Graemes first two releases as soon as they are commercially available!