M. Etain Allocation Pricing Question

Hi everyone! First time poster to the forum, I did my first mailing list run (wish I would’ve joined them earlier to get some years on it, but oh well!). My question is regarding the scarecrow list and the ability to buy M. Etain in the fall, does anyone know what the allocation price of the bottles were last year? I’m trying to plan my spending strategy for the back half of the year and want to try and budget a soft number to have on hand in the event I’m able to secure any M. Etain at release.



Duh! sorry, I meant to say 470-500 range for a 2 pack M Etain in OWC shipped. I just checked my previous purchase, came to 466 shipped to IL.

Scarecrow specifies in their e-mails that buying M Etain has no bearing in getting Scarecrow.

It’s $195/bottle but approx $235/bottle with shipping and taxes depending on your State. They are sold in 2 packs ($390/2pack) and occasionally larger packs are offered.


And as Alex said, has no impact on your position on the ‘Crow waiting list.
I like Etain but have stopped buying as the price has risen.
So far I’m still buying Scarecrow.

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Awesome, thank you both! I like M. Etain so I will likely at least buy one pack. I’m worried with the fires of 2020 and the drought this year that wine might not be amazing for the 2020 and 2021 vintages. But who knows, the world could surprise me!

Scarecrow isn’t releasing their cabernet in 2020 and they will be doing a library release. I’m not positive of the plans for M’ Etain but I’m assuming it may be the same.