Lutum 2013 Sanford and Benedict pinot

Had some at a massive pinot tasting at Big Sur FW Festival two years ago, never heard of Lutum, was stunned. Tasted a bunch more pinots, ran back to it, I was stunned. Bought six, two years later just opened one tonight, I am stunned.

Earthy on the front end, laser focused fruit on back end, perfect acidity and balance, and delicious already.

Young Hagen similar reaction at another tasting, never heard of it, bought three. But have not yet opened one.

If you like the Lutum, hunt down the Chanin as well. Same winemaker and overall I give the nod to the Chanin wines over the Lutum.

Just signed up, thanks.

Got to taste both Chanin and Lutum wines while we were out in Lompoc last week. Agree on your notes entirely. Really pure and focused wines. Really expressed the different sites as we tasted through.

If I remember correctly I passed because shipping was ridiculous

Gavin is a great winemaker, and a super nice guy. I think that his wines are generally well priced too. Style wise, they remind me a lot of Raen.

Raen is not my style.

Shipping prices aren’t bad if you sign up for a club.

FWIW I went and checked shipping which looks more reasonable than I remember. First release it was about $40 for 3 bottles shipped within CA. Now around $20. Glad to see they got that under control