LTB: Top Wasenhaus Spatburgunders

Looking to pick up any spare bottles of Wasenhaus Mohlin/Kanzel/Bellen (spatburgunder) that anyone has lying around, any vintage. Flexible on pricing & will gladly cover shipping.


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Bumping here! As the 2020ers are coming out, I’ve been able to grab some but always interested in more. Not searching for any deals here, just bottles - name your price.

bump again! Especially looking for more Kanzel & Bellen, but I’m interested in all Wasenhaus reds - just name your price.

Bump! Sell me your Wasenhaus!

Bump again! Thanks to those who have sold me some Wasenhaus over the last couple of months - would love to find more (notably, any of the top 2020ers - I have a good stash of Mohlin but not the others!). As mentioned, not look for deals - happy to pay your price.

Any interest in Henrik Möbitz Kapelle?

Really just looking for the Wasenhaus wines here, but appreciate the note Josh!


Another bump - happy to pay above market for these if you have anything to offer.