LTB: Aged Cali Cabs 1991-2005

Interested in some aged cabs from 1991-2005. Specifically the producers of interest are:

Grace Family
Mondavi Reserve
Ridge Monte
Peter Michael
Shafer Hillside

PM what you can offer. TIA!

It would be helpful if you could define “aged” for this purpose or give an vintage range.

Preferably 2005 or older.

Have the following:

1999 Montelena
1996 & 1999 Fisher Wedding
1986 Phelps Backus
1993 La Jota Howell

Thanks Steve but not interested in those.

I’ve found a pretty good source of that age Mondavi @ benchmark wines.

How about some magnums of Forman?

Thanks Mark but no interest in Forman.

[wink.gif] Foolish child


Those early 90’s Forman’s were great and in magnum too…


The last 2 Forman’s I had at wine dinners were both horrible (2001 and I think 1999). Both smelled and tasted like burnt rubber. All 10 tasters poured the wine out! That was enough to have me avoid Forman