LTB: 2019 Pichon Lalande

Retailer flaked on my two cases of 2019 PLL ordered EP (filled orders for those who ordered after me! Offered me half fill on my order. And then months later said would not fill my order at all!). Seeing if someone has wine to sell somewhere between EP and WS prices. Can provide label to ship.

Can trade other 2019 Bordeaux if you are too heavy PLL! Have Canon, Montrose, etc.

Curious to know who the retailer is is if you care to name them


Big Hammer wines out in California. My first and only interaction with them, and my last. I did get my refund. Annoying thing is I could have bought the PLL out of the UK when pound was at 1.08 or so… now I have to pay 35% more for the wine. I don’t normally jump on PLL but I really liked the 2019.

I would have been surprised if you could have bought them at $1.08 to the pound, as by September 2022, Pichon Lalande had hit second and third tranche pricing. I bought almost all mine at first tranche at the beginning of the campaign when the dollar was $1.30. It was only briefly at $1.08 during the Liz Truss debacle.
Anyway I have half a dozen half bottles at $100 each plus shipping.

That vendor is pretty annoying; they’ll cold call and text you; I added them to my block list.

The 1.08 was during the time BigHammer said they would fulfill half my order. I debated filling in the other half then. I’m still stocked they would lie to me outright on so many pieces (that I ordered after other orders they fulfilled, that they would fulfill half my order) and string me along for so long.

Good luck resolving. I think I’m in a similar situation with another high profile company. I’m going to reserve posting the name to give them a chance to resolve, but it’s very frustrating.

Hopefully it’s not sherry lehmann