LTB 2015 Screaming Eagle - offering top price

We are LTB, 3 btl packs, OWC with shipping box, of Screaming Eagle - 2015. Yes, please, We send the money in advance and a Fedex label when you are ready to ship!

Please only contact us if you are serious about selling.
We can provide references of private individuals who had stated it is a “pleasure to do the transaction with us”
and they return year after year.
We do send payment in advance, and once you have received the bottles we send the fedex label.

We would like to also try the 2nd wine this year, now named ‘FLIGHT’.
And we will also go for some of the Magnums.

Please contact
and we can go further into detail of the process and answer any questions.,
thank you for your consideration.

(As well as the Scarecrow when released - Update - our clients are not that interested to continue purchasing SCARECROW - the difference of 100 pts to 99 pts shows how much that matters. We can only pay $475/btl for the Scarecrow, we can no longer pay what we paid for the previous 2 vintages.) And we would actually rather wait until the market is more certain. None of our usual buyers for Scarecrow are buying the 2015.

Emailed Erika a week ago and received no response. Must mean you fulfilled your quota?

Hi David
No, we have not filled our quota
please forward me the email you sent to erika I will reply and I would like to see this…
I’ve had on a number of occasions this similar statement that has often simply been a weekend.
or some such, however, we are anxious to try to start purchasing your allocation

and please show me that unanswered email…