LOVE me some 2008 Bourgogne!

Nothing better to just mindlessly sip on…LOVE the 08 crunchiness, the pretty florals, the delicate/bright fruit, lighter body…just so tasty and pretty…AND CHEAP! Have liked the ones from Simon Bize, Hudelot Noellat, Rouget, Lafarge(sippin on one right now)…and even a really cheapo Drouhin.

Anyone else with me?!?! [drinkers.gif]

Me Too!!! About all I can afford from Burgundy… Love the '08 whites and '05 & '09 Reds are pretty easy to drink too…

Leflaive, Drouhin, Frédéric Magnien, Faiveley, Deux Montille, Bouchard, and especially Simon Bize are some of my cheap favorites.

Some of the 2008 Bourgogne and village wines have left me cold.

I think its a vintage to chose correctly and where higher appellations and good sites have performed better.

I only bought Mugneret-Gibourg but it was fabulous. I would imagine the Roulot white would be pretty special.

Depends on your style preference I guess, but still, this is what I see also.