Love it when the last bottle of a case sings!

Ended the life of a case of 1994 Caymus last night, the pedestrian bottling, not Special Selection. Last few bottles were not as rewarding as last night’s, which lived until the last drop and was just a down-the-fairway, old school, tasty Napa classic. Must have had maybe 4-6 bottles back in my Florida days as a buddy from back then used to have a real hankering for any Caymus. Had most of the rest while living in Mammoth Lakes, Caymus was never a wine we’d see on lists up there. One of the last few bottles fell apart quickly, another somehow got too sweet, but this one was just killa with a T-Bone. 12.5 % EtOH.

Goodbye classic case, you ended on a high-note. Great back label too.

Bottle #12 a night or two ago and it’s worth saying goodbye. Several in recent years have not shined but this one was old Cab in all its glory. Incredibly youthful color, tons of cassis and plum in the nose with rich vibrant fruit and slightly thin, old school mouthfeel. Pungent finish that lasted awhile, this was a gem and a classy ending to a case I bought long ago.

Yea…last bottle somehow always shows the best! Drank many a 94 Caymus, incl SS…one of my fav 94’s of all time! Ever remember their Sauv Blanc from the 90’s???..SO SO much wood in that wine…LOVED IT!

nice glenn

love what i’ve had from 90s cabs. still buy pretty heavy in napa of my favorites (ridge, dcv, phelps, spottswoode), but never in case quantities. rarely even a sixpack of any particular wine. going to regret it for sure. prices are so brutal though.

Had the last and best of a 6 pack of 1991 Dominus back in September. That wine is not in decline.

That Guenoc label brings back memories.

Wow, you’re even older than we thought!

90’s for me was the golden age for Cali Cabs, and like so many have said are delicious now. I hope Napa can get past it’s incredulous ego, stop chasing 95 points Parker, and start making relevant wines again for the consumer that don’t cost $150.

I think there’s a decent argument that they are already satisfying your request. There are a ton of threads about great Napa cabs for well under $99, and a bunch around $40-65.

You’re making my day! I have a nice looking bottle of the '94 Guenoc B lV I bought on an online auction for under $20!

I had some clunkers in the late 00s Warren but this one was great. I am guessing I paid roughly that bottle price when I bought this case in 1996!

I’ll let you know when I open it. I’m saving it to drink with my brother who lives in Colorado. He loves Old Bones Napa.