Los Gatos to Santa Cruz to Monterey: Dinner #2: Oct. 3 Lillian's


Thanks for organizing this Ian. Starting a separate thread.

Lillian’s in Santa Cruz 6:30 PM October 3

Bates Ranch if you have it
If not, Santa Cruz Mts including old Ridge if you have it
If not, bubbles or Italian
If you haven’t got a ha’penny then God Bless You

Good job George. Agee with the theme.

So far we have:

Uli +1
Ian +1
Ken +1 (helped to set this up)

I have an 86 Santa Cruz Mountain Bates Ranch and will try and dig up an Arnot Roberts Chardonay I think I have.

I will check in with the Restaurant but we should probably plan on bringing our own stemware.

Love the theme :slight_smile:

I’m thinking two Bates Ranch Cab Sauv, one 2001 Ahlgren Reserve and one 2013 Silver Mountain.

Wes is iffy.
I emailed Tom Pohorsky.
I have an old SCM Bates Ranch cab somewhere,.and some old Ridge that needs to be opened.

Took advantage of being a local and stopped by SCMV on Saturday. Got lucky to catch Jeff Emery and ask him about the 86. He said it had plenty of structure and he would open up to 6 hrs prior to serving. To scarry for me, but I will try to double decant a few hours prior to our dinner if I can get it together to do so at work. Looking forward to seeing everyone next week!

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George I want in. I just pinged Tom P too. Lets see what he says

I’m down with Bates Ranch for sure!

I’m glad Sean, I was hoping you could make it!

Tom P is out of town. But I reached out Ken Swegles and he wants to join us.


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Hi @Ian_Alper

looks like we are at about 10 folks with Ken and I joining. Are we looking for more folks or are we good?


Reservation is for 10 so I think we are full. If anyone still wants to join please let us know and we will start a waiting list in case someone has to cancel. I think we should bring stemware if possible. Look forward to seeing everyone!

BTW: Anybody out there want to help pick Pinot Friday AM or Saturday AM in Soquel please reach out. Its should be a quick pick if we can get a few more folks to help out.

EDIT: Pick is Saturday AM in Soquel rain or shine. Reach out if interested. See everyone Tuesday!


I could show up tomorrow but not Saturday. Sounds like that is a no go.

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Sorry folks but I will not be able to attend this week. Having to isolate due to a positive COVID test.

Sorry to hear… I hope you get well soon!

Same, I was looking forward to seeing you again. Wishing you an easy recovery and see you soon!

Last minute details.

Looking to change reservation for new folks that want to be added. We might have up to 12. Waiting for confirmation. Looks like at least two more Bates Ranch wines.

Just want to make sure everyone is on the same page. Please bring stemware and cash if possible. We will split the check and tip generously. We might share some apps depending on the menu and what folks want. If you order a salad, steak or fish, please chip in the extra amount and we will add it to the tip. We will see about the corkage but I think we are good in that regard.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

Tom P now wants to be added. What shall I tell him?

Already told Sean he can come. Rez changed to 12.