Los Angeles

Sorry, not going to “out” the restaurant. I will just say if you are going to a “hot” or “trendy” restaurant (the kind the paparazzi traditionally wait in front), in Los Angeles area, call first and ask about corkage.

Mastro’s (Malibu) upped their corkage to $50/bottle

AOC not allowing corkage during COVID

Republique is now $75 a bottle corkage.

The Brothers Sushi raised their corkage to a still reasonable $30/bottle.

I wasn’t able to add new entries to the spreadsheet, but a couple of new entries are:

  • Gasolina Cafe - $20
  • Manzke - $75

Cascabel Toluca Lake $10

Great price and really nice restaurant. I used to go there a bunch when I lived out there.

Nice brother. Have you checked out Felx? It’s by chef even funky (probably spelled wrong :expressionless:)

No, but I hear good things.

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Gwen in Hollywood is $50 and offered to decant before I could ask.

Maude is $75