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Ah yes, go to that spreadsheet link, and click through the various sheet tabs at the bottom. There’s a “master” sheet but also regional-specific sheets keyed off of the master sheet. All sorted alphabetically.

Thanks for the datapoint, I just updated the sheet with that information.

The spreadsheet is listed on the first post in this thread along with instructions on how to communicate additions or changes to entries: http://www.wineberserkers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=307307#p307307

For a direct link to the spreadsheet, it’s: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1r_pzNgm3dxtm31goxQc6QbnBlBuzJRrJ89uyefJCzFE/edit?usp=sharing

For link to the input form (which I will migrate over to the master list): https://goo.gl/forms/xZTAORxHSHLn9r962[/quote]

Got it. Much appreciated.

Thanks Bryan, I did see the input form. What I`m looking for is the resulting info listing the restaurants and corkage.[/quote]

Ah yes, go to that spreadsheet link, and click through the various sheet tabs at the bottom. There’s a “master” sheet but also regional-specific sheets keyed off of the master sheet. All sorted alphabetically.[/quote]

Got it. Thanks

Officine Brera is $20/bottle for the first two bottles and $35/bottle, thereafter.

Tar & Roses is $25/bottle with one corkage fee waived per bottle purchased from list.

Someone this morning tried to edit the spreadsheet and ended up inserting a bunch of blank sheets. I’m not sure what they were trying to do but didn’t see any actual changes so I’ve reverted the spreadsheet to the previous state.

Get in contact with me if that was you and you were trying to do something.

Sent an update…Houston’s in Manhattan Beach is free for first bottle and $15/bottle after that.

Maude is currently featuring menus that are inspired by different wine regions (currently Sonoma), and I’ve heard that they’ll waive corkage if your bottle is from the featured region. Does anyone know if this is true?

It’s true! We went last year for the Piedmont / truffle menu and brought 4 btls of Barolo/Barbaresco for our party of 4. No problem, free corkage.

Thank you! I’ve never been, so looking forward to trying a new spot.

Trois Mec now allows @ $50/bottle.

I almost want to keep this hidden gem to myself a bit more before it blows up, but The Brothers Sushi (under new ownership [former head chef of Asanabo] since the end of 2018) 21418 Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA 91364 allows BYOB and charges $20/bottle. I didn’t bring my own bottle yet and don’t know if there’s a limit or anything, but I asked when I was there this weekend, and the waitress told me it’s only $20 corkage.

Lukshon - $30/bottle; maximum of two bottles

Inn of the 7th Ray is $25/bottle (not the $12 or whatever is currently in the spreadsheet).

Sichuan Impression in west LA is $20/bottle.

The locations of Cafe Bizou on the spreadsheet are out of date. I think the only location is now in Agoura Hills. Still $2 corkage though, which is awesome. Pretty much no wine service (no decanters, lousy wine glasses, etc.), but they were fine with us bringing our own decanter or decanting before we arrived (which is what we did). Food is solid and a good price too.

Any good ideas for a tuesday night dinner in the Agoura Hills, Westlake Village, Calabasas area? Cafe Bizou (mentioned above) is only open Wednesday - Sunday.

Fellow Berserkers, before BYOB for corkage at higher-end restaurants, call and be sure they don’t have a special COVID policy. Ate at one of LA’s hottest spots last weekend. Website said corkage was $40 and not on their list. Brought two special bottles. Told due to being shut down for ten months they needed to earn some $$$ and sell their own inventory so forced to buy off their list. Bought two decent bottles marked up 3.5x cost. Would not make an exception, charge more, or even allow one for one bought. Dinner for six was over $1K, and while understandable, the way they put it makes me never want to go back. Purposely not outing the name of the restaurant.

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I would appreciate you naming the restaurant so it doesn’t happen to me. I’m sure the restaurant would want people to know the policy rather than surprise people.

Probably a good idea to call ahead to any restaurant you’re planning on dining at these days.

Pearl District
Moody Rooster- great food, poor ambiance (like a daytime cafe)