Los Angeles / O.C. #PortDay Event (offline) - Jan 27th

Marc J. (a Port loving friend) and I are teaming up to host a #PortDay here in Los Angeles. We will be hosting it at my house east of Downtown (Near the 605/5 interchange).

Bring a bottle of any Port to share with the group. However the Port must come from the Douro region of Portugal. If you’re not sure email me and I’ll help you out. Also, if you could bring a small appetizer or snack you think will pair well with Port would be great. We really want this to be an event for people to get to try a large variety of different types of Ports and from different ages. So if you have any questions on what to bring, need a suggestion, whatever, please get a hold of Marc or I and we’ll help you find something.

January 27, 2012 start time is 7pm (a little earlier or later is ok too, as I know Friday traffic can be an issue). PLEASE RSVP by email or this thread.

Andy Velebil’s house (please email andy at fortheloveofport dot com or let me know in this thread if you’re coming and I’ll send you my exact address, but it’s near the 605/5 interchange).

I’ve got Port glasses so no need to bring any, unless that is you want to bring your own favorite stem to use.
If you want to know more about #Portday, check out this link http://www.fortheloveofport.com/trade-news/international-port-day

Disclaimer: please drink responsibly and remember drinking too much and driving is very bad.

Latest update of those coming:

Andy S.
Scott (poss +2)
Mike M.
Steve I.
Eric I.

updated 1/24/12

Turns out I’ll be flying solo that night. If anyone else from the general West LA area ends up going, let me know and let’s see
if we can carpool to deepest, darkest Whittier.


It’s not too late to join us, we’ve got room.

Add me to the list! I’ll shoot for 7pm depending on traffic from Woodland Hills.

Thanks for all who came, it was a great time. Some 10 people, about 13 Ports (I lost count), plenty of food, and great company. Ports ranged from a 1963 Quinta do Noval VP, 1970 Warre’s VP, and 1977 Fonseca, to a 1994 Kopke Colheita that took a few hours to get it’s legs and then ran a marathon. Not to mention a stunning and very young 1997 Niepoort VP, and a still so very young 1992 Quinta do Crasto LBV. Not to mention several others that showed very well, including the best showing 1983 Fonseca VP I’ve ever had. A big THANK YOU to all those who made the long drive and showed up. Especially to Eric I. who made the very long drive from Las Vegas to join us. A fantastic evening for sure!!!

That Noval and Warres were really nice!

Thanks for hosting Andy - it was worth the drive!

Eric, we need your recipe for the roasted nuts you made - they were outstanding!

+1. And thanks again, Andy!