Los Angeles area - need a wine writer, free access to Champagne event in Bel Air (and others)

Hey folks - I’m on a nice little ‘press’ list for some events mostly in Los Angeles, and there’s one coming up that deserves to have someone on assignment. I can’t do it because 1) I’m not a good writer, 2) I’m out of town, and 3) I hate the drive to LA unless necessary.

Please PM me with interest, and I need someone who can act as official ‘press’, and write a legitimate piece on the event (not just someone who wants a free pass to brunch), posted on our blog pages (those at the http://www.wineberserkers.com home page), with photos. The more events we ‘cover’, the more such invites I’ll get, and forward to whomever needs them.

Here’s the upcoming event, for which I have a media pass, this Sunday from 11 am to 12:30 pm:

LOS ANGELES July 6, 2014 – On July 13, 2014, Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel’s fashionably designed Bel Air restaurant, On Sunset, will showcase the celebrated cuisine of its Executive Chef Olivier Rousselle paired with French Champagne House Jaquart. Known for discriminating taste, Rousselle’s Sunday Brunch menu will feature seasonal California fare with a splash of French influence that will be paired Champagne Jacquart. To celebrate this “French connection,”Jacquart’s winemaker Michel Parisot will be in attendance to toast Executive Chef Olivier Rousselle’s sought after culinary creations. On Sunset, known for its spectacular Sunday Brunch will be stocked with specially prepared plates and a variety of traditional brunch favorites. Guests will be treated to an exclusive tasting of paired Champagnes by Jacquart while savoring the exclusive experience that is Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel. "Bastille Day is always a special day that is near and dear to my heart, and to pair our fabulous Sunday Brunch with the prestigious champagnes of Jacquart presents an extraordinary opportunity for our guests to celebrate France in a quintessential Southern California way,” said Executive Chef Rouselle.

I would volunteer but I have a conflict on that date :frowning:

I’ll forward this to Laura Ness.

Todd-I will be there. Total disclosure, working for the company putting on this event…ki