Looking To Trade Some Of My 07 Kapcsandy Estate (RP100)

I have some extra bottles of this and am looking to trade for a few other things that I need. Looking for 07 Bryant, any vintage of Screagle, SQN (Inaugural, Suey, On Your Toes, Heart Chorea, Suey, Into The Dark, Poker Face, JFTLOI) and great CA cabs. I also have a few extra Marcassin pinots and chards as well.

Bump. Can anyone help?

Are you talking about the Grand Vin or the Estate Cuvee?

I’m talking about the RP100 Grand Vin Cabernet.

Wow - they put RP100 on the label? neener [berserker.gif]

They apply that to the label once it hits the retailer shelves. neener

Don Melchor Cabs got addendum stickers attached when they got big TWA/WS scores. I have several that have the publication and points right on the front label.

I am sure that is why you bought them. neener neener

Well duh.