Looking for eats in Savannah

The title says it all. In Savannah for the day and wondering if anyone could share a nice restaurant or even a casual location. Wine friendly is not a must, but, please feel free to fill this post up with all sorts of suggestions for the board as a whole.



Depends what you want but Elizabeth’s on 37th is my favorite restaurant there.

Closed for lunch which is a bummer. Menu looked great. Ended up at the touristy Pink House. The food was pretty good. She Crab soup and Shrimp with Grits Toast and a Ham gravy. They are now open for lunch which they started just a little bit ago.


Lunch - there is no greater place than Mrs. Wilkes. Only open M-F 11-2, got to get there and stand in line around 10:20 - 10:30, one of the best eating experiences in my life.

Family style, you will sit at a table with 9-10 other people and pass bowls. Probably not wine friendly, but a MUST!!!

Mrs. Wilkes passed about 1-2 years ago,but her family runs the place and it hasn’t skipped a beat. Featured in the book “1001 things to do before you die” or whatever the book title is.

http://www.mrswilkes.com/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

I learned about this place way too late. 1:30 pm. Walked by, got in line before I knew what it was and brought up Yelp. Once I saw the line and was told a two hour wait and kinda went hmmmm. Then I learned they served things family style. Eyed the screaming kid in front of me while I kept getting whapped by someone making weird propeller like moves with her arms behind me and thought it might be best to find eats elsewhere.

Next time. 10am.


For sure Leslie…

I understand you can get your fill of butter and deep-fried wonderfulness here. rolleyes