Looking for BCBS

Looking for all variants of BCBS this year. If you happen upon any this Friday let me know. Would love to get a 24 pack. I can also trade beer/wine/bourbon for BCBS.



What are you offering?

Where are you located? I scored some BCBS and coffee here in NYC yesterday. Local grocery chains and mom and pop shops seem to sell it before Black Friday, even though technically only one store here is supposed to have access before the weekend. Also, try beer menus both before and after Friday - stores get both early and late shipments so it may be around longer than you expect.

I have bottles from two releases ago, I think, if anyone wants them.

I would be interested in those bottles. What would you like cash, bourbon, wine, beer, or all of the above?


Drank my last BCBS Rare a month ago and the special-ness of the Pappy was long gone. Drink these variants on release.

Blue Cross Blue Shield?

Big Cock Big Scrotum?

I respectfully disagree with Mel regarding the other bottlings, although I have never tried Rare. While certain bottlings such as coffee are better on release (coffee taste diminishes after a year or so), the regular bottling and barleywine are more delicious after a few years (barleywine can age much longer). The bourbon flavor mellows and integrates, making it a much smoother, less in-your-face drink.

the thing is I said that the variants need to be consumed early I don’t think I mentioned the barleywine or the regular BCBS in my post

here’s the brewer views on the Coffee BCBS


I read somewhere else this week a review of the offerings this year, and they too recommended drinking the variants upon release (or maybe it was specific ones). I can’t find it though. I’ll keep looking.

In general, I think most beers are better fresh, including the BBA stuff. Vanilla is gonna be tough to find in SoCal. Most places are getting very little and the official release place getting ~10 cases will prob have people start lining up Thanksgiving night (this is nuts, at least it’s not freezing Chicago). My buddy is lining up 4 hours early and he might not get a Vanilla.

I’m happy to just get quantity of regular BCBS without having to camp out. Barley and coffee are fairly easy to trade for. Vanilla and Prop will take some ammo.

Oh and btw, ISO: Prop and Vanilla also, after Jason is taken care of. :slight_smile:


I owe you a care package. Will make sure to send you some BCBS. I need to send you some Evil Twin too.


i have a buttload of bcbcs from vintages past and barley wine from last year. willing to trade for wine.

Rare is the best beer I’ve ever had.

That was, what, 7-8 years old? It has to be either that or on release? I think somewhere in between does pretty well.

not that old, maybe 4 at the outside
FWIW, brought the 2013 Prop and Backyard Rye to T-day dinner and they were fine. Wife nosed the Prop and said Coconut? so it lasted!

Found Goose Island BCBS at Marianos (the one on Madison & Halsted). It’s not out, so you’ll have to ask for it.