Looking for a Wine Tasting group

My old group from D.C. doesn’t get Together anymore. Looking for another that doesn’t drink swill in the Montgomery County MD area! I like Bordeaux, Cal Cabs and Chards, German, Oregon Pinot and Italian.

Check out Offline Thread, and perhaps post this message in there too.

Yes, OLs are a good way to meet people. Then, some of those people may be in other groups with non-forumites. Or, sometimes cohesive groups have formed, so no longer organize on the forum. Posting can get you invites.

Good advice. Of any regular group I’ve been in, I was usually the only one who posted anywhere. Do something in the OL section and see who comes up. And visit several sites.

I host wine dinners/tastings at my house from time to time. Occasionally at restaurants. Probably gonna shoot for the end of June for the next one. Feel free to PM me your email, and I’ll add you to our list.