Looking for a wine refrigerator model

Hello to all the community,

First post here, hopefully in the right section :slight_smile:

I’ve recently started my wine geek journey (i “always” drank wine but without really caring about where it comes from, which kind of grapes, etc… - I can tell how much i like a wine but not so much more yet and I want to change that and be more knowledgeable =))

I got myself a Coravin to be able to taste different wine without wasting bottles (i’m the only one drinking at home) and I’ll probably make another post related to Coravin a bit later.

But now, I quite feel like I wasted some bottles due to poor storing conditions (temperature way too high for long periods of time) and I’d like to purchase a wine fridge / cooler to help with that. Also it would look cool in our place.

I’ve been looking around on the internet and for now cannot find exactly what i’m looking for.
Most of the ones I can see are 60cm-70cm depth and I’d love if I could reduce that size in order to fit better in our home space.
I’d like it as tall as possible and wide enough (without overdoing it).
Storing anything between 100 and 200 bottles would be great I believe although I guess that’s the kind of thing that maybe tends to get filled quickly and then you wish you have more space ^^

Given that bottles are like 30-36cm, do you know if any brand / model are like 40/45cm deep ?
I’d love to find one like that.

Any link / advice would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


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The counter depth wine refrigerators are all about 51cm in depth (20inches). I believe they also can be used as free standing units. They are generally much more expensive than free standing units as they are designed for cabinet type installation in a kitchen so I’m assuming the venting is different

Here is a 22.5 inch model from Wine Enthusiast. It says can he used as a freestanding model

Thank you very much for the quick reply.

Looking further, I found a 48cm one, Dometic brand (never heard of that one before) :

Not sure how good it is, and it’s “only” 75 bottles, i wish it was a little bit larger.
I’ll go on my search anyway.

Hi Nicolas and welcome to the board?

I was in your same spot couple years ago, didn’t actually plan to start drinking at home before turing 30 but then Covid hit and so i jumped in.

I’m not sure I can give you much feedback, specially cause you might live in the US having different options than me.

Buying too small is a mistake you might regret later, but buying super big refrigerator to the point where the money paid has a significant impact on your ability to affod juice might be a mistake as well.

I own this Wine Bank 50 Series 5 HWS49GA | Cantinette vino | Haier and I wish I could have space for a dozen bottle more, but at least it keeps me in check and avoid overspending on wine or having bottles go past their prime.

I started learning wine when covid hit. (My lawyers would always order great wine when they took me out, and it bothered me that I couldn’t do the same.) My recommendation: Keep a diary. For me, my wine diary is a spreadsheet (sortable, all info easily accessible) and it has every wine I’ve tasted in the past couple years, with tasting notes, etc. (Starting to transition to an online site.) Now, I rarely drink beer or liquor. And, I’m spending a pretty penny (for me) on wine.

Wife bought me a 20 bottle chiller as a gift. Love it. Filled it. As I learn more, I want to own more than 20. I store an equal amount in my basement. A few years in, a 50 bottle chiller would probably be ideal for me. I’m looking to upgrade, but will probably wait a bit, since the wife is talking about remodeling the kitchen, and any chiller I buy needs to work into her plans for the kitchen.

Le Cache makes some single-depth credenza units:

I think you’ll find most people here have had good experiences with the company as well. Good construction, good customer service.

Wow, these are beautiful! Thanks for sharing! We get a ton of questions about coolers from our clients, but we usually send them the EuroCave route. I will add these to the list for sure.

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