Looking for a killer Champagne experience

I’ve been on the wagon a while (healing gall bladder) and I’d like to celebrate with the best Champagne I can find (well stored). If I think back to some great Champagne experiences I remember Krug 1990 being awesome, rich and that slightly oxidized sherry component but Oh So complex.

I also remember a pure 1996 Comtes Taittinger with almost Chardonnay butter notes.

I also remember Pol Roger Sir Winston Churchill at a tasting and it had great earthy qualities. Forget the vintage but it was a mid to late 90’s bottling.

Have had some Dom’s and appreciate the complex earthy quality.

Never tried Salon or Selosse or any of the other big names.

I’d prefer to try something relatively recent as I don’t like that white chocolate malolactic thing that sometimes happens in old Champagnes - any ideas to get blown away?

'96 Krug

1988 Pol Roger Winnie in mag.

The 96 Taittinger Comtes is wonderful, but the 95 is better, probably cheaper, and is just gorgeous now. 96 Do is also delicious.

Since you are looking for something receent released, I’d go with a 2006 Cristal.

1995 Charles Heidsieck Blanc des Millénaires

Tremendous indeed, but so young (as of 5 years ago).

Mark, consider the '88 Veuve Cliquot Grand Dame Rose, which is second only to the '96 Krug as the best Champagne I’ve ever had.

1996 Salon. Never, ever fails to make me swoon.

1996 Salon or 1996 Krug

get a bottle of selosse substance
best $300 you can spend

Yes. Exactly.

1996 Salon, 1996 Krug, 1988 Krug

Price on this has gone kinda crazy

96 Salon. Always shows well and impossible to dislike.

Great choices if you are willing to lay out $500.

1999 Billecart-Salmon Cuvee Nicolas Francois Billecart. One of the best Champagnes I’ve had in years, and can still be had for under $100.

The winery realized how underpriced this was, so when they recently released the next vintage (2002) they almost doubled the wholesale price. Looks like retail on the 2002 is now about $180 a bottle…

I would seek out a 1996 Pol Roger Sir Winston Churchill. The best Champagne experience I’ve had in my life…back in 2011.

Yup. Excellent stuff. Bought a bunch of it

Congratulations, and happy you are feeling better.

May all your joys be great joys, and may all your pain be Champagne!

97 Salon. Unbelievably pure and elegant.