Looking for a good red wine (~$50) as a thank you gift.

Hey everyone!

I want to send a friend some wine as a thank you for helping me get the job that I currently have. I don’t drink much wine, but I know that he enjoys it. I don’t want to buy him something just going by star ratings alone. If anyone here has any personal favorites that are at or a little above/below my price range I would really appreciate if you could share with me what it is and why you like it. I’m going to be ordering it online to have it delivered to him as we live in different places, so it would be nice if it was available online too. I play on the online casino Luxury like on this URL https://bestcasinos-ca.com/reviews/luxury-casino.php and win a lot of money, but don’t want to spend it for a wine.

Thanks in advance!

Hard to go wrong with Ridge Geyserville. An American classic, and generally loved by everyone I “gift” it to, plus it’s under $50.

Geyserville is perfect. That go me thinking about what the white equivalent would be? Hanzell Chard?
And yes, I did see that OP specified red. Just de rigueur Berserker drift.

Without knowing what types of red wine your friend likes, maybe something a bit more unusual or something he likely has not had before.

So many options in Bordeaux and other regions outside the U.S.

One possibility is the 2016 Sansonnet St. Emilion (can be had for around $50). Also, if it matters at all, it was Jeff Dunnuck’s wine of the year a year or two ago.

Smith Madrone Napa Cab if your friend like’s Cabs more. Geyser’s an excellent choice too

It would be helpful if you could find out and tell us what he does like.

Third on the Geyser. I sent one to a friend yesterday; $45 plus tax and shipping. This is one they could drink now or hold a bit.

Agree on the Geyserville. The 2015 and 2018 are both are excellent wines. I also like the Smith Madrone idea, and I believe their $1 shipping on any purchase deal is still in play, so that eliminates the problem of spending almost half your $ on shipping.

Agreed. Also, should not be that hard to find.

Without knowing anything about the recipient’s preferences (will he be drinking it with his wife/girlfriend?), I’m going to cast a vote for a Pinot Noir. Lighter and more easily approachable than a Napa Cab, at your price-point you can purchase high-quality Sonoma Coast Pinot Noirs in your (Santa Clara Co) local super market.

My personal choice is a Kutch Sonoma Coast. Should run you $40-45.

I am surprised that berserkers continue to make suggestions without knowing his friend’s wine preference.

Where are you ordering from?

Honestly, I’d probably go with Champagne unless you know your friend doesn’t like it. It’s fun and festive and this is the perfect time of year for it. NV Aubry is $30ish-40 and good QPR.

Also, know that shipping one bottle is usually expensive. If money is a significant consideration, I’d give him a $50 gift certificate to a local wine store with a card expressing appreciation for his assistance.

  1. Champagne, is just easy and will get used (consumed or regifted! especially during the holidays)
  2. My personal recommendation would be 2001 Suduiraut or Rieussec Sauternes (375ml). These are first class wines that are in your price point only because sweets are out of favor. Sweets may fit the holidays as well. Your friend will enjoy them if he never had a sauternes, and if he has, he will appreciate the vintage/producer thought. If you are shipping directly you can ship with a wedge of some nice blue cheese for a personal touch to go the distance. I hate blue cheese, but love it with Sauternes. The classic combo just works. Maybe you can even put a personal note in on how you researched the wines and read you should give these wines lots of air prior to drinking them and hope they and the family enjoy it with the cheese these holidays, etc.


Agree with Champagne (Chartogne-Taillet Sainte Anne, Roederer Brut Premier) but since the OP specifies red wine, perhaps Marcel Lapierre Morgon Cuvee Marcel Lapierre, Berthaut-Gerbet Fixin Crais or Combe Roy, Lafouge Auxey-Duresses La Chapelle, Cristom PN Estate, or Guillemot SLB Serpentieres off the top of my head. Does the wine have to be made on this side of the pond?


Champagne is always a great gift - lots of great options for $50 - I’d recommend Jacques Lassaigne Les Vignes de Montgueux Extra Brut or Laherte Freres blanc de blancs brut nature.

But your original question is Red Wine. I’d look for something new world with the assumption that you are buying from retail and the recipient will consume it soon. Frog’s Leap Rutherford Estate Cabernet Sauvignon should be around $50 - I can’t think of a better Napa cab at that price point. You might be able to call a local wine shop where your friend lives and see what delivery options they offer - with Covid a lot more places are offering this option and could be cheaper than shipping via Fedex.

+7 on Champagne.

I mentioned Ridge Geyserville above, but have to acknowledge, this is perhaps a better or at least equally strong recommendation. Non-wine geeks know the label, but it delivers high quality, old school Napa year after year. I gifted it quite a bit last year over the holidays, but kept a lot for myself. I really like 2016 and 2017.

Caterwaul Napa cabernet. Fifty bucks… a Thomas Rivers Brown wine.

I agree with Ridge Geyserville and Frog’s Leap for red wines, and would add the Ramey Napa Valley Cab at around $50.


Just thinking of how I would typically handle this, if people didn’t know my preferences there are very few wines I would actually drink if gifted. Geyserville would be one of them. If I were given nearly any Cabernet Sauvignon in that price range I would regift it.