Looking For 2010 Bartolo Mascarello Barolo?

Again, for me, it’s more important to buy it from someone I trust–not just the guy that listed it first. I’m thinking these will be available in due time.


I’ve had multiple transactions with Empire, always with good results.

Every bottle of Rinaldi and Fontodi that I have was purchased in Italy.

I tasted the 2010 Rinaldis in Piedmont a week ago. They were off the charts sensational, and surprisingly accessible. I’m sure they’ll shut down at some point but, for now, wow… It’s not only about points chasing when it comes to these wines. They are becoming culty for a reason…

That’s true, Keith, but you have to accept getting hosed when buying from Vinifera (and I believe that is Gary’s point). Any time a producer moves from Vinifera to another importer, it seems that the prices of the wines drop about 50%.

This is often the challenge when getting into Barolo/Barbaresco - that we either take a punt on liking a wine in 20+ years time, or we drink them when painfully young in order to adjust our buying to match our experience of drinking rather than tasting. OK, in time we start to get a feel for what to look for in youth, that will hold a wine in good stead for maturity, but it really isn’t easy.

I know they aren’t easy to find, but I would recommend people new to the region trying to seek out older wines - it might help their buying, but also give them the faith to cellar.

I’ve been checking winesearcher pro USA for weeks for both the 2010 Bartolo and Monprivato . The Empire listing was the first I saw for Bartolo and now some place called Amanti comes up, but when you go there it says not currently available. It seems as though accessing this wine may be a question of right time, right place, or an inside track.

Michael, I just cross-linked your post to a thread I had commented on about winesearcher notifications, at http://www.wineberserkers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1585579#p1585579. Hope you don’t mind.

No problem.

It shows unavailable because the alerts are usually sent out at 2-4am, and so whoever wakes up first is placing the order. If it is a highly sought after wine this happens all the time.

I guess it is an indication that the 2010 Bartolo is in high demand at around $120 - maybe it stays longer on the shelf at $140.

Monprivato is not released yet, I think, so that is why it never shows up.

Also check out Cascina Francia - selling out everywhere, even close to $250.