Long Beach Pizza Night May 8

My much better half Daisy is back in town in May, and she would love to see those of you she’s met before, as well as meet some new faces. We’ll be meeting up at the Long Beach Pizza Company for a casual night of vino and vittles. Bring whatever you want to share with a pizza-chomping crowd. Corkage will be a reasonable $5/btl. We’ll have our own semi-private room, but that doesn’t mean we can’t show the rest of the joint how we get our offline swerve on [berserker.gif]

LBPC is willing to put up with 16 of us - at least once. Once they have us, they may regret their stance. As always, first come, first inked. Daisy and I look forward to a fun night with the Long Beach crowd.

Friday, May 8
7 pm
Long Beach Pizza Company
3430 E Broadway, Long Beach
562-433-0000 (how’d they score those digits?!)

Kriss Reed
Daisy Davenport
Chris White
Bennett Traub
Linda Nusbaum
Brian Grafstrom
Ashley Grafstrom
Marshall Gelb
Diana Gelb
Lester Gibo
Ricardo Montecinos
Rachel Montecinos
Jim Dietz
Lorena Chaparro
Carolyn Stoops +1

Kriss Reed
Daisy Davenport
Chris White

Kriss, I am sorry I probably cannot make the Friday night, but if things change I will try to sneak back onto the list. Say HI to Daisy for me.

Chris - great “slogan” - where did you steal that from?

I should probably get around to signing up for this if I plan on attending! [ok.gif]

As Ms. Goldsmith pointed out to me, I was scheduled to be in School that night. Regrettably, I’ll have to skip class, but are you? Just a reminder…

Crap. I must confer with my spiritual adviser. Thanks for the reminder.


Kriss, don’t tell me you scheduled another event on a 909 type night! Are you still going forward with this?

Yes, I did, and yes, we are. I didn’t check my calendar when I chose this date, but it is the only night that would work while she’s here. I couldn’t work her into the 909 event, anyway, so we’re going with the pizza plan.

I forgot to mention in my OP to bring glasses, as the restaurant’s are pretty pedestrian stuff.

niiice … i hadn’t noticed you had this maxed-out. [good.gif] lookin’ forward to seein’ a couple familiar faces and meeting some new ones. [cheers.gif]

Yeah, it will be a lively group, to be sure. Bring your vino and your appetite! [cheers.gif]


Thank you for organizing this event. Ashley and I had a wonderful time … we should definitely do another OL there … can’t believe how cheaply we escaped!! Really enjoyed their pizza, too. :slight_smile:

BTW, what vintage was the Beltrame Friuli Refosco … '05? Really enjoyed that wine … thanks for bringing it! [cheers.gif]

My WOTN was the 1999 Ridge Carignane … wonderful wonderful wine. [d_sunny.gif]

Kriss, thank you for arranging another pizza offline! Even though late, I’m so glad I finally made it! I had such a good time. It was nice to see Daisy again, she is so sweet, you are one lucky guy. The garlicky pizza I had was delicious and the wines I got to try were f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s: 1991 Ridge Cabernet, 2006 Achaval Ferrer Malbec, 2004 Linne Calodo Rising Tides (GSM), to name a few. Thank you again Kriss, I had a wonderful time as always! Your offlines are not to be missed no matter how late one arrives! [d_sunny.gif] [d_sunny.gif]

TN’s posted … don’t expect much. [cheers.gif]