LocalFlavor: Red Wines of the Italian Alps

The new Local Flavor just came out and has an article on Red Wines of the Italian Alps:

Pretty old stuff to most folks here.
We will be tasting some of these wines at Pig+Fig Cafe next week:

  1. Kaltern Schiava DOC: AltoAdige/Sudtirol (12.5%; www.KellereiKaltern; EnotecImports/Denver) Kellerei Kaltern/
    Caldero 2015: $18.00 (KK)
  2. Cantina Convento Muri-Gries Blauburgunder/Pinot Nero DOC: AltoAdige/Sudtirol (13.5%; ToscoWines) Bolzano 2015:
    $20.00 (EVN)
  3. Feudo di San Maurizio Mayolet V.D.A. DOC: Valle d’Aosta (13.5%; ToscoWines) Vallet Michel/Sarre
    2016: $28.00 (EVN)
  4. Feudo di San Maurizio Torrette Superieur DOC: Valle d’Aosta (14%) 2011: $34.00 (EVN)
  5. Eisacktaler Kellerei Lagrein Cantina Valle Isarco DOC: AltoAdige (13%; www.VinityWineCompany.com;
    Dino CapriottiSlctn/Emeryville) Chiusa 2014: $20.00 (K&L)
  6. Foradori Teroldego IGT: Vigneti delle Dolomiti (12.5%; Unflted; www.ElisabettaForadori; L01/16) Mezzolombardo/
    Trentino 2014: $24.00 (K&L)
  7. SandroFay Ca’Morei DOCG: Valgella Valtelline Superiore Valgella (Chiavennasca; 13.5%)
    SanGiacomo di Teglio/Lombardy 2013: $35.00 (K&L)
  8. Cantine Garrone Ca d’Mate DOC: Valli Ossolane rosso (70% Nebbiolo/20% Croatina/10% Prunent; 13.5%) Domodossola/
    Crevoladossola 2013: $29.25 (WM)


Thanks, Tom, very nice article!

On the subject, we enjoyed this a few weeks ago:

2015 La Kiuva Arnad-Montjovet NEBBIOLO BLEND (NEBBIOLO)

5/5/2018 - 91 Points
From memory. Pretty light pinkish ruby, cool fresh nose, smells of red berries still on the bush, ditto the palate, very refreshing and clean but not deep. medium-short finish, tart with little tannins. Overall a step towards deep rose, the lightest nebbiolo I recall drinking, this is a style I like. Enjoyed with faux chicken cassoulet.

Hi Tom
I just heard on another forum, that Foradori now also have a cheaper Teroldego wine called Lezer. The person who posted about it, said it was very good indeed, though I get the impression from the clear (uncoloured) glass, that it’s likely to be a wine to drink young. Might be their own version of the Unlitro wine style they make (in partnership) in Tuscany.

In the summertime, I’ve become a big fan of serving light-bodied reds as chilled wines, so that they function as very elegant roses.


Sunday Brunch

There’s a “Triple Piq Quiche” on the Sunday Brunch menu which is just screaming for some chilled alpine nebbiolo or similar.

Thanks, Ian. I’d not heard that. Nothing about it on her WebSite or the Dressner WebSite.
But I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

Yup, Nathan…I’ve seen that on their menu but have never had it.
Laura is a very creative chef and, across the board, comes up w/ good food.
Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can order the Ostrich Drumstick from the menu…if you have a big appetite!! [snort.gif]

Yup, Steve. Pure Nebbs from the Val d’Aosta are pretty rare & difficult to find, as is pointed out in the article and why they
are often blended w/ other grapes. I, too, love those lighter/delicate/ethereal Nebbs. But we know from Barolo/Barbaresco
that Nebbiolo is supposed to be a big/powerful wine. Or so we’re told.
You should try the G.D.Vjara Clare JC (Jefferson-Corti) Cuvee Langhe Nebbiolo. It’d probably be one you’d really like.
faux chicken cassoulet.”…ohhh…the horrors of it all!!! neener