Lobels steaks - Yankee Stadium

In case you didn’t know, Lobels steaks are available at Yankee Stadium.

After 3 games, tonight I finally had a chance to enjoy what had to be one of the best steak sandwiches that I’ve ever enjoyed in my life.

To begin:

Lower level, third base side. Just after you pass the window where the butchers are preparing the steak, you see a food stand minding its own business. There are a few museum type ropes for crowd control. Ballparks in NY are not exactly known for fast moving lines; but the Lobel folks somehow manage to move the line quickly (and I mean quickly).

Cost = $15.

One guy is slicing the steak. Another guy takes the just larger than paper thin, but not that big that you can’t bite it steak, and dips it in gravy. Then, the steak heads into a brioche type bun.

Pay for your steak. Take sandwich. Head back to your seat (in the Delta Sky360 box).
Buy a beer. Open the box. Prepare napkins. Take a slug of that beer. Pick steak sandwich up. Bring towards mouth. Yep. That’s it. Now, take that first bite. Close eyes. Savor something special.

This steak tasted delicious. Like you were biting into butter. Oh so delicious. I’ll never eat anything else at the stadium for as long as I live. 100 points DH

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Thanks, Jay. [tease.gif]

Sounds tasty…arenas/stadiums should go more towards independent vendors…

These steaks are real tasty…but watch them and make sure they don’t try to give you the end with all the fat. I have to say that the food at the new Yankee Stadium is a major upgrade over the old Stadium.

Bill, Dan, or anyone, who supplies the dogs at the new park? Sabrett’s? Nathan’s? Someone else? Just curious.

For the most part, Nathans. I think the Hebrew Nationals are sold at the Kosher concession.

I had one tonight, it was nice.