Live Auction for Kids' School - Some Cool Items You May Be Interested In

Just wanted to see if there was any interest here on the Board for bidding on some items that are part of the fundraising efforts for the school my kids go to up here in the Valley.

Items will include a pair of Alpacas (!), make your own wine blend with Andrew Murray and a few other local winemakers and get 12 cases of it with your own custom label, a dinner for 8 prepared in your home by Chef Budi Kazali of The Ballard Inn and paired with tercero wines, a Garden Party for 20 at Mattei’s Tavern paired with Kenneth Crawford and Andrew Murray Wines, 4 VIP Tickets to American Idol, and more . . .

PM me if you’re interested and I’ll forward a pdf of the catalog when available.


I’ve always wanted llamas, so I think Alpacas would do in a pinch. Alas, no space for them and would rather remain married and with all body parts intact.


In writing up the info for the auction, I’ve learned the following about Alpacas:

  1. They don’t require much space - you can fit 5-10 in an acre
  2. They eat grasses and hay
  3. They only grow to between 100 and 180 pounds
  4. They live to be about 20 years old

And far as your SO goes, explain the ‘fringe benefits’ of Alapaca hair (-:


How many steaks do you get from each Alpaca?