Littorai Open House / Pick Up Party (with library wines from magnum!)

Littorai had a bustling open house on Saturday. They apparently had double the demand from last year, causing the evite link to show SOLD OUT. It hurts when you can’t have a ticket to a free event! Fortunately I was able to throw my weight around and get in the door. [training.gif]

They weren’t tasting any whites, as I recall the 2012s selling out instantly. (Or was that the 2011s?)

The 2013 Appellation wines were strikingly different - the Anderson Valley wine was very grapey and simple. The Sonoma Coast was much better and would make a fine drink today.

The 2012 single vineyards pinots were for the most part quite closed, yet rearing with potential (this includes Hirsch, Haven, and Cherise), while the Savoy was much more forthcoming and the easy WOTD, until one reached the magnum table…

They poured two wines from Magnum - 1999 Savoy (the nose was jaw dropping, spell binding, however you want to call it - some form of matured cherries from the gods. But the palate was sadly only excellent [basic-smile.gif] ) and 2004 Cherise (another big winner, although it was no where near fully mature).

I opened a 2008 Littorai Thieriot pinot back in Marin to watch the Giants game, and the overall texture and purity, not to mention the sweet plums and black cherries, may have contented for WOTD, although the nose on the '99 Savoy can’t be overlooked. Needing some chard after not tasting any at Littorai, we also had a 2009 Ceritas Porter Bass. It was very good but consumed pre-game without food. Some Ceritas chards you can drink as a cocktail, but the acid can be severe enough that others may really want some, say, hamachi crudo.

Great day capped off by a Giants comeback route!!!

This was a fun event, graciously offered assortment of tasty food to go with the wine tastings. I loved the fig-pork muffiny things.

And yes the '99 Savoy and '04 Cerise were the highlights, with the Savoy a very high light indeed. Amazing nose of smoky meats, mushrooms, and thick cherry. Fabulous.

The major challenge of Littorai’s SVD pinots is keeping the bottles around long enough to get to these aged wine experiences. They are also so yummy with just a few years on them. Hah, a first world problem indeed! I asked one of the Littorai’s employees about this, and he gave me the obvious answer with a grin – buy more!

One of my favorite producers.

Picked up a 99 Savoy 750 from Wine Gavel a couple of years ago…Time to stand it up and put it in on deck circle.

Way too crowded. Very happy to be a long time Littorai buyer but I no longer like the open house pickup events. It used to be a way to talk to Ted and taste some wines. Now it is a zoo and no fun. I guess that is the price of popularity.

I have liked their wines but I got crowded out by price and scarcity over the last few years. It’s a producer I would like to get consistently, but I find it too difficult to procure predictably. The pick up parties are really great!

Sounds like a good thing that I spaced on the open house…

I really like that Littorai has Pinots at a pretty wide range of prices ($46 at the low end, $90 at the high I think). One nice thing about the open house is that it seemed that you could choose on the spot to buy more of the release wines. Not sure if there were limits, but I had already reached mine so didn’t buy more. Phew! But that was a nice side benefit of the open house.

Dang, bummed to have finally missed a chance to get into these due to a hang over definitely a -1 for me.

Bummed I had to miss as well, though it was an entertaining day with my 11 year olds so no minus 1 :slight_smile:

have to get up there and fetch my wines!