Litchfield County, CT Area Wine and/or Spirits Retailer

Can anyone recommend a good wine retailer and good spirits (bourbon) retailer in the Litchfield County, CT area? We have a place in Washington Depot, CT and drive up from NYC.


The best near you is Litchfield Hills Wine Market, in the shopping center near the Stop & Shop on 202. It’s not the world’s greatest selection, but its adequate and particularly decent for Riesling. They generally have a representative bottle of Donnhoff and Selbach-Oster and Hermann Wiemer, etc.

Casa Bacchus, in “downtown” Litchfield used to be good, but when I was in there last fall the selection was a shadow of what it used to be.

Salisbury Wines, in Salisbury, is quite good, probably the best in the county. Carries a big chunk of the Neal Rosenthal porfolio and some good domestic producers like Belle Pente, along with a nice selection of other wines.

Otherwise there isn’t really much en route. I’m presuming you go Hutch-684-84-7-202. Sometimes I’ll stop in Scarsdale on the way up at Zachys because that’s not vastly out of the way.

Pricing at all these places is not competitive with NYC, but you make do with what’s here if you forget to bring your bottles.

Forgot all about this. Thanks for your recommendations David. I think I’ve been to Litchfield Hills Wine Market, but not recently. I likely will be in Salisbury this weekend and will check out Salisbury Wines then.

Bridge Fine Wine in New Milford has a pretty good wine selection, not very fancy but diverse. I don’t recall their spirits selection but it is a big store so I would imagine a similar situation. On 202 at 7 right before you cross the bridge. Big Y shopping center.

Thanks Greg. I’ll check it out.

I’m up in Litchfield Co. this weekend. A few thoughts:

(1) I checked out Bridge wine, after Greg’s rec. He’s spot on. They have a cheapo section in the front and a high end section in the back. It’s not commodity crap, anywhere - I don’t know if I AGREE with the wines the buyer is picking but he’s clearly picking a style and it’s not just what gets dumped on him. Very good Rhone selection, mediocre burgs. Good South Africa selection - they carry Chamonix, which is an excellent producer, infrequently seen. Lots of interesting inexpensive bottles from Lodi and Sonoma. Excellent pricing, best I’ve seen in the county. I’d still go to Litchfield Hills Wine Merchant, if only because when I’m jonesing for a bottle up here, its generally a riesling to drink outside, but Bridge is convenient on the way up and worth a stop.

(2) I made my yearly trip to my local vineyard, Hopkins Vineyard on the New Preston /Warren border, off Lake Waramaug. In the past, the wines have been generally terrible - we used to call them Crapkins Vineyard. But this year there has been a HUGE leap in quality. I’m drinking a totally serviceable 2012 sevyl/traminette blend right now which was $13-14 which we took home as our afternoon tipple, and there was a real nice 2010 Cab Franc for $22 that had 13.5% abv, allegedly without chaptalization. The folks there said that 2010 and 2012 were real good vintages in CT and that’s whats allowed them to make better wines - I was like, “hey, you guys really stepped up your game” and they kinda-sorta acknowledged that.