List By # of Calif Bonded Wineries???

Can someone direct me to a list of bonded Calif wineries listed in numerical order??
Google is letting me down this time.

Trying to track down BW-CA-16071 in Buellton.


That would be TerravantWnry, located there in Buellton. Anybody know anything about them?
Appear to be a large operation, but made up of people I’ve never heard of. They had a bunch of wines in our local
CostPlus store.


I did not know that Terravant was producing its own wine. I thought when I visited it was just custom crush. A number of folks were making wine there when I visited in 2011. They also ran a restaurant where they had a lot of those high tech gadgets that allows you to get a card loaded with money and use it to pour 1 oz and 3 oz samples of a many of the wines made in the facility.

Does this count as talking to yourself? Do we need to get you help?

I’m the only one around here who takes me seriously…so, yeah, I clearly need help, Paul!!! [snort.gif]

Tom, they are a custom crush facility, but they also make their own wine, as well as wine for many locals (including Ken Brown, IIRC). Hartley-Ostini might be their biggest client, although Gray Hartley uses their facilities but not their services. The restaurant upstairs is called Avant, and is a Tapas type of place with lots of smaller dishes. Avant also has a wine dispensing system that has in excess of 30 wines for tasting.

Terravant started as a custom crush facility only, but has somewhat morphed into a place that specializes in making ‘bulk’ wines and providing them for private label companies (in addition to still being a custom crush facility as Eric mentioned). I know that they supplied Fresh and Easy with their own store brand for a bit, and I’m sure they are continuing to do this for others, as well as sell bulk to wineries throughout the state. Similar to what Central Coast Wine Services is now doing . . .


Now you know what happens when TomHill realizes there’s a bonded winery in Calif that he hasn’t followed from the very start! newhere