Lisbon - Fine Dining Reviews

I spent two weeks in Lisbon in June and hit up many of the “fine dining” places.

Prado, Plano, Essencial, 100 Maneiras, Amago, Restaurant Sala, Minibar and a bunch of others.

100 Maneiras topped the list - long multi hour dinner (I think 4 hours?), great service and pacing of the meal, food was delicious, definitely deserves the Michelin stars. One of only two places that asked for tips from the list above.

Amago - Super fun night out, spent a good 3.5+ hours here. It’s a husband and wife team that run this 10-seat, one-table restaurant. Great wine pairings from super small producers, beautiful presentation, lots of fun conversation. Would highly recommend booking. Menu changes every 3 months.

Plano - Was in a residential neighbourhood, bit out of the way compared to everything else. We walked there, Uber’d back late at night. If you’re used to 1-michelin type restaurants in LA/SF/NYC or London, this will be right up your alley. Every dish was a hit, and pricing was very fair compared to similar establishments in the US. Definitely geared for tourists as they expect a tip at the end of the meal.

Prado was amazing. We hit up Prado for lunch, particularly enjoyed the The Butternut Squash with brown butter dish (out of this world flavor). We ended up doing dinner at their sister restaurant Prado Mercearia on our last night in Lisbon which was more casual and intimate but got really hot (no AC). Highly recommend it, really original dishes and flavor combinations. Natural wine list at both places was a bonus for me.

Essencial & Restaurant Sala fell short of expectations. Nothing inherently wrong with either one, and maybe we ordered the wrong things, but neither where a home run when compared to the others and I’d probably pass on both of them on my next trip.

In terms of wine bars, I think we visited a good half dozen of them during our time there. “The Old Pharmacy” definitely stood out, and would be a strong repeat for me.

And of course, A Cevicheria was great and is a must-stop but expect to wait.

Bonjardim for piri-piri chicken was also a super fun change of pace one night. Less than 40 Euros for two half-chickens, fries, salad, and their most expensive bottle of wine. I walked away really happy, service was super efficient and we didn’t have to wait for a table. Surprisingly saw lots of local families dining here, so it’s not even a tourist trap…