LIQUID FARM: 20-25% off + Magnum (4 of 'em) Raffle! Earth & Mineral Driven Chardonnay & Rosé

Interested in hosting/attending the Nationwide (offline) FOUR/FOUR Berserker Blind Chard Tasting?

  • Shit yes. 4/4/14?? You best be sure I get the details Ma’am. (that ones for you M. Hudson :wink: )
  • Intriguing. You have my attention…
  • Maybe, sorta, kinda-ish.
  • I don’t like blind tastings, they scare me.

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champagne.gif First, we know you know it, but we’ll say it again, dammit. We love the
WB Crew! You’re a crazy ass bunch of wine nerds. And, its eff’ing AhhhhhhHsome.

We cannot thank you enough - not only for your support but, the amazing
reviews, posts and love that you share on this forum (and off). It REALLY
makes our day to see each post and the only way that we have been able to
reach as many glasses nationwide as we have in the past year, is TRULY
large in part to you guys. A special shout out to some who’s posts have
greatly contributed to me not having a day off in the past year, in no
particular order: Brig Campbell, Frank Murry lll, Arnie Caplan, Chris
Sieber, Mark Hudson, Travis Dedek, Phil Carpenter, Robert Pavlovich.
and Mr. Frechman himself.
For that reason, we have been pining for the past month over what we could
do to show our appreciation and spread some love on this fine Berserker Day…
To current and incoming members (yes, you can join today and access the Member
deals!). And, to those who have been wanting to check out the project ahead
of joining forces (aka: the LF Fam).
Here’s what we came up with. Hope you dig it. And…want to hit it. [ken.gif]

Cheers to a hell of a wine filled 20FOURteen!!
Nik & Jeff

PS: We are scheming on a Nationwide Virtual WB Chardonnay
Blind Tasting on FOUR/FOUR/FOURteen (4/4/14)
Stay tuned on the board for more details in the coming weeks.
We’re pretty excited about it! But,…

Without further ado…
Let’s get down to BIZ!
You will fall into one of two categories…
Not a member, but curiosity’s got you from what fellow Berzerkers have been saying about the wines?
Let’s get this stuff in your glass then so you can see for yourself! Check out the scope of the project:

  • At our greatest Club Tier discount
  • With zero commitment, to gauge your interest & palate pref’s
    @ 20% OFF (see WB Day Trial pack offers below)
    $12/flat rate shipping to CA/NV/AZ and 20% OFF off FedEx Ground Shipping for our out of state brethren
    *limit 1 pack per non member


Already in the Fam or Want to get on board?
Current or new incoming member orders (regardless of current Tier or Tier you join today)
@ 25% OFF (see WB Day Member packages below)
PLUS entry into a Raffle of one of FOUR Magnums we’re giving away (every 4 btls-750ml = 1 entry)
$12/flat rate shipping to CA/NV/AZ and 25% OFF off FedEx Ground Shipping for our out of state brethren

2 Pack (20 available)
1 bottle each: 2012 White Hill Chardonnay / Reg. $40 (WB Day $32)
2012 Golden Slope / Reg. $50 (WB Day $40)
Reg. $90 / WB Day $72

3 Pack (10 Available)
add 1 bottle of 2012 FOUR Chardonnay / Reg. $74 (WB Day $59.20)
Reg. $164 / WB Day $131.20

4 Pack (8 Available)
add 1 bottle of 2013 Rosé (presell) / Reg. $24 (WB Day $19.20)
Reg. $188 / WB Day $150.40

***POST ORDERS HERE :slight_smile: ****

An extra 5% off our deepest Club discount regardless of Tier. #boom. [highfive.gif]
Sneak peek access ahead of the rest of the Club to the 2012 Golden Slope and FOUR Chardonnay

  • the new vintage of pink crack EARLY w/ WB Day discount. And, Magnum raffle entry? #doubleboom.

[cheers.gif] ANTE UP:
1 bottle each 2012 White Hill, Golden Slope, FOUR + 1 bottle Presell 2013 Rosé = 4 bottles total
Reg. $188 / WB Day $141

[thumbs-up.gif] HIT ME:
2 bottles each 2012 White Hill, Golden Slope + 1 bottle 2012 FOUR + 1 bottle Presell 2013 Rosé = 6 bottles total
Reg. $278 / WB Day $208.50

  • Big bottle Optional Add-On:
    up to 1 Mag of Presell 2013 Rosé @ 40% off (Reg. $54) WB Day $32.40

[highfive.gif] DOUBLE DOWN:
4 bottles each 2012 White Hill, Golden Slope + 2 bottles 2012 FOUR + 2 bottles Presell 2013 Rosé = 12 bottles total
Reg. $556 / WB Day $417

  • Big bottle Optional Add-On:
    up to 2 Mags of Presell 2013 Rosé @ 50% off (Reg. $54) WB Day $27

[truce.gif]ALL IN:
7 bottles each 2012 White Hill, Golden Slope + 4 bottles 2012 FOUR + 6 bottles Presell 2013 Rosé = 2cs total
Reg. $922 / WB Day $691.50

  • Big bottle Optional Add-On’s:
    up to 2 Mags of Presell 2013 Rosé @ 60% off (Reg. $54) WB Day $21.60
    up to 1 Mag of 2012 White Hill @ 50% off (Reg. $88) WB Day $44

Current or New Members Purchasing today will ALSO be entered into our Magnum Raffle! Word up.
*Every 4 bottles (750ml) ordered on WB Day = 1 entry.

1 FOUR 2012 Mag, Retail $160
1 Golden Slope 2012 Mag, Retail $110
1 White Hill 2012 Mag, Retail $88
1 Rosé 2013 Mag, Retail $54

FOUR (4) mags total!

Post your desired Trial pack or Member Package HERE :slight_smile:
*If you want to come on board as a new member OR are a trial pack orderer, please see below on info to email me by the 28th. Already a member? I know where you live :wink: unless you have an address change, shipping request, special request, etc. We’re all good!

Your invoice will be emailed to you and is payable DIRECTLY via the invoice online with CC **so you DO NOT need to email/call with CC info :slight_smile: We will invoice within a week of WB Day. If you have any questions of concerns in the meantime please feel free to email anytime me at:

Anyone ordering who is a NEW Member or Trial Pack Orderer
Please kindly email the following to me by the 28th so I have all your stats. Thank you & we’re very stoked to get these to you soon!!
Address (For Delivery **and your Billing if different)
Contact Phone for Delivery
If you are coming aboard the Club as new Member: please note the Tier (4, 6 or 12) you would like to come in at
Shipping Pref’s: If you reside out of state, should we hold your wines till your Spring Shipment OR ship at earliest safe date
Any questions at all you may have re; the wines/club or what to pair with your pink crack. (nothing or everything!).


What to Expect in the Spring Release? Mar/Apr
A mix of 2012 Golden Slope Chard + 2013 Rosé w/ a small amount of 2012
White Hill Chard & a VERY small amount of limited 2012 FOUR, optional and
first come
for those who would like to add that on/swap into their mix.
The 2012 FOUR’s formal release/club inclusion will be in Fall.

What to Expect in the Fall Release? Oct/Nov
A mix of 2013 White Hill + our new 2013 Santa Maria AVA Chard + a little 2012 FOUR
(possibly small amount of 2012 GS available pending stock).
*you can always swap out FOUR for another bottling should you wish

You are welcome to customize your order to the mix of your liking
You can review your invoices for pricing/wines ahead of anything shipping/making payment
We don’t recur bill
You can move up or down Tier’s (or bow out, [highly unlikely] :wink: at any time)
You have direct access to wines we have stock of YEAR round & at your full Tier discount
We take a very personal approach to all we do, and take care of our Fam…like Family

4 bottle x 2 releases = 8 bottles @ 10% off
6 bottles x 2 releases = 12 bottles @ 15% off
12 bottles x 2 releases = 24 bottles @ 20% off

PDF - Winter 2014 - LF Tech Sheet .pdf (773 KB)
PDF - LF Club Member Benefits.pdf (50.9 KB)
PDF - Tanzer’s IWC - Liquid Farm Reviews - Nov 2013.pdf (53 KB)


Raffle Entries
Each new/current member will get one (1) entry per FOUR (4) 750ml bottles
they purchase. Raffle will take place the week of the 27th and Winners will
be announced no later than Friday 31st. Posted to WB and notified by email
:slight_smile: We cover the shipping. XO sorry no-no states, self-shipping only.

20-25% off FedEx Ground shipping charges for out of state orders.
$12/flat rate per case/box in CA/NV/AZ.

Rosé is being bottled 2/7 so, it will be Mid to late Feb for most orders shipping out.

*With weather being as chilly as it is, we could need to hold off shipping to
certain areas of the country until latter Feb or March. If you KNOW your area
is risky and prefer we hold this order to send with your Spring release wines in
March/April - just let us know :slight_smile:

*CA/NV/AZ orders will ship by mid Feb unless you request we hold it.

Shipping to No-No/Tough States
(TX, PA, MA, FL, NJ, SD, AR, HI)
This IS possible - please PM or email me: [highfive.gif]

A poll, a book, and a bunch of wine offers…who’s got TIME for all this?


In!! Curious 4 Pack! (2 pack as well if allowed)
Emailed yesterday without realizing only BB offers are active.

edit: info emailed!

Curious Palates 4 pack please! I see 1 pack per non-member…is that one total or one of each type? :slight_smile: I would go for a 2 pack as well if allowed.

Here is what I was waiting for. Would like the 4-pack for the curious.


4-pack, please!

I would love a curious palate 4-pack!

Go my friends go!!!

Put me down for the curious palates 3 pack

This post took like 30 mins to read/digest yesterday…

The funny thing is THIS is the abridged version of what Nikki had originally proposed. It took several revisions to get it down to this. Yikes! Oh well, good juice, so who cares?

One of the versions I saw had charts and stuff…

sent email. hope that works if not the non-member 3 pack for me.


This is the prime example of why a preview was necessary/beneficial. I knew exactly what i wanted, when i needed to get in etc… it think if you had to read everything here today, it’ll be 3pm Pacific time.

lol this is the one post time that I made a distinct point to jot down while the preview was still live :slight_smile:



I would like a curious 2 pack

mark meyer

[pillow-fight.gif] Good [berserker.gif]