Limerick Lane Fall Offering

Hadn’t seen anyone talking about it. Went out yesterday while the site was down for maintenance.

2020 Sonoma County Zinfandel ($38)
2020 marks the first vintage of our Sonoma County Zinfandel and we are excited to share it with you. This wine is a blend of Zinfandel from young and old vines, new and familiar sites, and our estate fruit.

2020 Los Amigos & Limerick Lane ($48)
A blend of the best Zinfandel lots from the area surrounding the Limerick Lane estate. A field blend of Zinfandel, Carignane, Petite Sirah, Negrette, and Syrah.

2020 Rocky Knoll Zinfandel ($65)
Planted in the steepest and rockiest area of the estate, Rocky Knoll Zinfandel tends to be the richest, gutsiest, and most intense of our estate Zinfandels. 86% Zinfandel, 9% Petite Sirah and 5% Syrah. 94pts Intl Wine Report & 93pts Jeb Dunnuck

2020 Marquis ($72)
The 2020 Marquis Zinfandel is comprised of renowned sites such as Carlisle, Banfield, Sodini, Bedrock and Limerick Lane. 94pts Jeb Dunnuck & 94pts Intl Wine Report

2020 Estate Cuvee ($85)
Formerly known as “1023”, the Estate Cuvee represents the best that the Limerick Lane estate vineyards have to offer each vintage. A blend of 71% Zinfandel, 23% Syrah and 6% Petite Sirah. 94pts Jeb Dunnuck & 96pts Intl Wine Report

There’s also 4 bottle, 6 bottle, and 12 bottle mixed selection options

Free shipping on 12+ bottles.

I was going to skip this one but after drinking a 2016 Limerick Lane Head-Pruned Syrah, I bit the bullet on a mixed set anyway. They’re pricey but I like the style and with new ownership, that might change.

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I’m a fan of the wines, but they’ve priced themselves out of my window of interest. I was hoping the Sonoma County zin would come out at a price closer to Bedrock Old Vine Zinfandel, but I’m going to pass at $38.

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Got priced out on these guys. I had removed myself from the list but still got the offer. Hard pass.

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I get it… and given that’s been the vibe on the board lately and I was the first one to post about it, it’s what I expected.

I’m willing to be less price-sensitive with wineries I’ve drank for an extended period. I figured I’d continue the verticals I have until I can try the new owners and figure out if I continue. That said, I reduced my purchases.

For me, Robert Biale is an even tougher call. I’ve been drinking it since the mid-1990’s vintages when Bob was running it out of his garage and have always been fully committed to the winery… but the prices keep increasing to the point they’re more than virtually everyone else, and there’s been a lot of turnover in who’s working there. In addition, several of the recent releases of Tres Goetting’s reign didn’t pan out for me. I’m hoping things turn around but have allocated more purchases to other wineries while I wait and see what happens.

Same Jeff. Zero interest anymore. I havent even really enjoyed my most recent 2015’s that ive opened. Couple left and im trying to get through them as quickly as i can.

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I really like the wine. I just feel the shipping got out of control first. Excessive costs to ship bottles down to SoCal and then the wine prices followed. The wine is really good, probably best in the 4-5 year window although I can’t speak for how the wine has changed since they hired a new wine maker.

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Agreed on the drinking window. Prob why im not loving my 2015s.

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