Lillian Cab

An offer for the 2012 just landed. True Vineyard. Any notes/thoughts?


$200. 37 Cases. $400 mag.

At that price, I’m having a hard time clicking the button…

Likewise. But I do love Maggie’s wine.

Last year’s NV cab was also $200, wasn’t it?

I’ve had her wines before, ironically not like SQN where she worked, but heavier more like some Alban. I’d be curious to see what style the cab is. Quick question: Why is she located on Oregon?

Apparently some investors bought a site she loved and brought her in as winemaker. I think at SQN she was responsible for the pinot program where they trucked Oregon grapes down to CA, so the Lillian cab program is basically the reverse.

Edit: For anyone unaware, her pinots are under Antica Terra, which is her main label.

I can find zero notes on the cab (including previous vintages) on Cellar Tracker. I’ve purchased the syrah in the past, and I’m not 100% opposed to buying this, but I generally reserve purchases in that price tier for stuff I already know I’m going to absolutely love. If this was also $200 last year, I guess that’s why I passed (I don’t even remember getting the offer, but I just searched my email and found it).

Sean, try this.


Wow, that is just 1 barrel and one half-barrel.

We’re visiting Antica Terra next month, I know they pour Lillian syrah…somewhat hopeful this is poured as well.

I’m passing. I have a hard time paying that tariff for a new wine, much like the Pinot Noir from Liquid Farm. I’ve actually passed on Lillian for a while now, not liking the 3-pack push, and the very high price point.

We visited a couple of years ago–Maggie was a delightful, engaging, and generous host and we spent a lot of time hanging out, talking wine (Antica Terra, Lillian, and other producers as well). You will enjoy yourself :slight_smile:

I have enough from previous years to last. I think I bought a single from Storyteller a few years back to keep the horizontal going, but I do not drink expensive wines, so why buy them. CT Custom Crush made by Rasa comes in @ $40 for both Syrah and Cab from the best WA vinyards.