Life is too short.

Whether we care to admit it or not, life is way too short. The time we spend here in good psychical and mental health is really just a fleeting moment.
Hence, my suggestion is simple. Celebrate life. Pull that nice bottle out of your cellar and share it with someone special. Feel free to contemplate your wine, but don’t overthink it. Remember your company is more important than the wine, no matter how delicious it may be. Oh, and don’t put it off. The only possible way to live one’s life is in the present tense.

10-4 MARK. My motto exactly. Everybody knows when at my house its raid the cellar time. I really don’t care too much about saving anything - just that “you drink no wine before its time”.
Came home the other night and my wife had 2 bottles of white burgundy open on the counter. One was an everyday quaffer that she got out of the “everyday quaffer box” and another she had grabbed from a new box of GC burgs I picked up a while back and had not filed them away in the racks - out of sight. At first I was like WTF then I thought about it and really what does it matter? Bought them to drink and she decided to drink them. How can I fault her? We enjoyed both bottles.

It’s going to feel very long if I run out of wine well before the end.

Mark might very well be my favorite Berserker…

He’s been here a year and starts more threads that crack me up, make me shake my head and generally bring a smile to my face… for the right or wrong reasons.

Well done sir!


Didn’t you just say you have 1500 bottles of Champagne?

Well roughly, but I am under 40 so it needs to last!

Cerainly turned opinion here since that 11 bargain bottle train wreck last month.


Ditto to Joel W. Mark has the chops!

MIke, you are now Prince of Pinot? Que pasa? Not joining the AFWE, are you? Or is it RR Pinot??

In any case I don’t see a PN on your WOTY list…

And people give me sh!t for drinking so many young wines. Pffft!

I cringe every time a Winebid description reads “consigner inherited wine”.

(Thread drift, sorry)
I have been having some grand fun with a bunch of Littorais as of late. Note sure where that sites on the AFWE charts, but I am.

(Back on topic)
Life is too short to label everything!!