Lichen Estate: 50% (Half Off!) Until Lockdown is Over

It’s been a while since we’ve posted on Wine Berserkers… since our in house Berserker left for France in 2016 actually. Indeed, this is my first post. But one of the fans we gained from the Berserker Days when we did participate, Tony Gigante, prompted me to post our current offering. When the Covid-19 thing led to the shutdown of our tasting room, and our UPS guy showed up late that day saying he was going to keep working, I sent an email in his honor to our entire mailing list offering 50% off until the lockdown is over. We all need a little love right now. When the lockdown is over, and our retailers and restaurants are all back open again, along with our tasting room, we will go back to normal pricing to support all the jobs those businesses represent — and the margins they need to sustain those businesses. In the meantime, we’re 50% off on all of our wines for everyone who orders on our web site.

If you go to our web store, the offer and savings will show up when you click on your cart for checkout:

Of course we’d love you to join our club, the first “product” offered in our web store, to get special offers like these in regular times, but that’s up to you.

If you have questions please feel free to email me: And where it asks in the store how you heard about us, please enter Wine Berserkers so we know how we found you.


Douglas Stewart, Winegrower
Lichen Estate Anderson Valley

Good to see you back Doug. I’ve really enjoyed your wine from Berserker Days past. When I saw your offer in my email, I thought now would be a good time to reintroduce yourself here.

I opened a 2012 Lichen Estate Les Pinots Noir et Gris on Easter and it was just as fresh and vibrant as I remember from a few years ago. Definitely makes me want to re-up.

The bubbles are delicious too. Should be in the wheelhouse of many folks here. I had the White - Sparkling
2012 Lichen Estate Blanc de Gris a while back and still have the BdN in my cellar.

Good luck with the offer. 50% off is criminal for these wines.

Seconding the positive reviews of the sparkling wines and the whites, especially!

All of the wines are solid, and I have liked many of the estate PN over the years as well.

Our two favorites, hands down, are the Pinot Noirs et Gris and the Blancs de Noir bubbly. Order in for a case!

Went in for some Grand Cuvée and BdN. Can’t ever have too much sparkling.

In for a case! I need more wine like a fish needs a bicycle [snort.gif]

You’re just trying to throw your arms around the world

Is this sale still going on? When I click “checkout”, the wines seem to be priced normally.

Just looked and Discount shows up in checkout
Are you ordering individual bottles or trying to do packs?

Discount shows off the total on bottom. Not on each line in the order

You’re right – I was looking in the wrong place.

Just opened the Blanc de Gris. Very fine bubbles, dry, And notes of green apple+pomelo. Glad I purchased 3 bottles!

Hi Douglas - any idea when the next shipments are going out?