LI Blind #4

Will be on Sunday, March 27th @ 5PM, at MOSAIC, 418 North Country Rd. in St. James.
$72 + tax & gratuity per person.

I’ll add all the regulars to the list. Please confirm if you are coming, or not planning to come. I’ll post the menu when it’s ready. Looking forward to it!

Dave & Isa - confirmed
Diane & Joel - confirmed
David & Caroline - confirmed
Kim & Mara - confirmed
Greg & Mayda - confirmed
Gary & Cindy - confirmed

12 people max.

Count us in. :slight_smile:

we are in

I spoke with Chef Jonathan at Mosaic and he has a fabulous menu planned just for us! Still a few details to work out, but he gave me a price of $72 per person plus tax & gratuity. That’s a little more than usual but I think it will be worth it. If anyone has an issue with the price, please let me know and I will try to bring it down, but that would mean changing the menu.

We’re in.

Dave - I’m going to be a single on Sunday. Mara’s carpal tunnel surgery has been pushed up from Monday to tomorrow and she doesn’t think she’ll be up for it by Sunday.
Sorry for the late notice.

looking forward to it.

I hope she is doing well. We’ll miss her on Sunday.

Kim, I hope Mara’s surgery went well.

Dave - Thanks for hosting one of the most memorable wine nights I’ve attended in a long while.

I have to echo Kim’s sentiments. You did a great job selecting the wines, and the restaurant put together a fabulous dinner.

Well, he knows his restaurants [wink.gif] . Great job by Greg and I on recognizing the Cote-Pinot.

Tasting notes are posted.

Thanks guys, it was a great night! I think I went a little overboard with the drinking though and I’m paying the price today. Ouch!!