Levy & McClellan: now available at retail!

For the same stunning price: $475/bottle. Ampersand too.

Just think, no reason to give your money to the winery when you can pick it up at blicker pierce… not that i will be picking any of it up at that price.

no commercial interest in BP

I don’t mean to quibble, but the release was $400, not $475.

Not that I bought any at that price either.

I went light on this. I only bought 5 cases.

You must not be a fan of the vintage. I went all in - 2 palettes.

wuss. Step up man.

I got two pallets as well but my bottles were magnums [rofl.gif]

You can find any wine at retail if you look hard enough, even Screaming Eagle.

haha. you are right! I threw that mailer away so fast the price did not stick in my head

I am actually Lyle Levey. Does anybody have a problem with my pricing? Step up then bitches!!! [rofl.gif]

You planning on doing some painting?

At least I didn’t spell it ‘palates’ as I wanted to.

Pallets, okay? Sorry for the extra E

If you guys recall from their release letter, 5 “cases” would only be 5 bottles. I’m thinking 2 palettes would be 20 bottles.

Randy, the ballers above (Yoni and me) are kidding…being sarcastic…pretending to be high rollers while not being high rollers…

No wonder I couldn’t get into their mailing list with all these ballers hogging and buying everything in sight. [rofl.gif]

I emailed Stefan, made fun of him for rating the wine so high…but at $475, I bought in, why not, BP needed the money. [drinkers.gif]

I hope he can sell through it.