Lets taste some Greek wines this month!!!

I have been somewhat of a fan for a number of years but certainly not close to being an “expert”. Edmonton is rich in Greek restaurants and there are some inviting wines on the shelves here. The country has a big up-and-coming recognition and there has been quite a transformation in technology and vineyard management.
There is more to life than Retsina so maybe a few here might like to look around and see which wines might appeal.I hope there is a selection in some of the major city areas!
I will start off this new thread with a very nice Moschofilero from the Peloppese region.

TN: `07 Klima Lantides Moschofilero, Peloppese.

Color. Pale yellow, not hint of green. Looks inviting, nice and clear.

Nose. Roses, mint and orange. A bottle opened 2 months ago also featured some floral hints, jasmine and melon. “Wet rocks on the seashore” from across the table. Me thinks Anastasia drinks too much Musky!

Palate. Initial entry thoughts were crisp, off-dry, long finish, minerally.
Light-bodied with a lemony zesty hint mixed in with some tropical fruits. “Jasmine and tangerine” from other side of the table.
Not able to compare this wine with any other Moschofilero but I have another lined up. The onto some reds I guess.

**** as an afterthought, could bear some ressemblance to a Sauv Blanc from west coast here?
I have an interent buddy who has just moved to Crete for a year so feel sure she will be giving me lots of know-how regarding wines from the island!


I really like the wines made with the Assyrtiko grape from Santorini.
The soil is here is volcanic so the whites have a real sense of minerals to me.
The best are 100%.
This one sounds nice however.

I am not a huge fan of the Greek reds although they do make some that remind me of
Valpolicella that aren’t bad.


Thanks Don, I will keep your comment in mind when I open some reds!
Where are all the Greeks here?!!

TN: `03 Monemvasios Red.

Blend of Agiorgitko and Mavroudi, $8 by the glass in local Greek restaurant (earlier this evening). Medium garnet color, nose was earthy, musty, red berry fruits. I thought it was slightly corked but waiter said “that is the style”. I was not going to argue!
The palate was so-so and no apparent corkyness on the finish. Redcurrant, cherry flavors, soft tannins. Not my kinda red, not a lot of style here. Needless to say, I thought questionable bottle?
Food was good though, spit-roasted lamb with lemon braised potatoes.

Guillaume should be typing his notes about three Greek wines he tasted here this past weekend sometime soon …


I’m doing a Greek wine tasting for my birthday next week at a Greek restaurant in San Francisco. I’ve been collecting wines for it for awhile, as they’re not so easy to source on this Coast. I’ll have a flight or so of the whites I love, including a couple of Sigalas’s wonderful Assyrtikos, and then two flights of 5 or 6 reds each with some age on them (which Greek reds dearly need). My sister and brother-in-law brought back some of the older Greek reds from a trip to Greece last year. Looking forward to it. I’ll report back next week.

Thats more like it. Bring them on. I want to see whats going on there!

(Following TN originally posted on a UK forum).

TN: `08 Boutari Santorini.

13.5% alc, $20 Cdn, good natural cork, purchased for the OM exercise.
Food was similar to Otto`s dish, halibut steak pan-fried with capers, green onions and diced tomatoes. It worked very well, I was surprised. The last glass I had a day later with some humus and that was a success too!

Color. Medium straw with green tints. I cannot say there was any yellow here?

Nose. Citrus, minerally. Does not appear ripe but did find some lycee. Green apple to forefront however.

Palate. Initial entry thoughts were dry, bracing acidity. I myself could not call this ripe, racy a better word! I thought close to a VV.
No effervescence, good structure, green apple on the finish. Have to wonder how this might develope but writer in new issue of Wines and Spirits seems to think 5 to 10 yrs? Cmon lady. Ottos `07 seems to be a tad more developed than mine but maybe our palates are just different!

I was just going to say that… unfortunately I basically didn’t have access to the web in the last couple of days. Coming soon, though!

As promised, we had 3 Greek wines this week-end, 2 whites and 1 red, all of them very good: http://wineberserkers.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=10412" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;