Les Etiquettes des Grands Crus Classes du Medoc - Wine Labels of the GCs (historical labels)

Always love seeing the threads about the favorite wine labels of Berserkers. Always such a cool range of styles and tastes.

Anyone that loves classic labels, and the history of wine and labels, a must buy is the book, “les Etiquettes des Grands Crus Classes du Medoc”. It was released in 1993 and pops up for sale from time to time. Also worth buying is the classic Mouton art label book.

Les Etiquettes is exceptional. Has a little history on each Classified Growth, and pictures of the labels dating back to the start of many of those Chateaux. Who would have thought, for example, that Lafite has had over ten different labels over its history?

Here are a few snap shots of pages, and I’ll add a few more as I review the book (again). I got it about 2 years ago, read it, and then stuck it on a shelf. I’m motivated to read it again. Oh, it’s passages are in English, French and German.