Leoville Barton 1996 from half bottle

Three more of these half bottles to go after this one.

1996 was particularly successful in Saint Julien. A few weeks ago I had the Lagrange, arguably the best wine ever made at the property, and I might say the same about the 1996 Las Cases. I love the wine, which for an estate where the wines are tight and difficult, it has an unusual joyousness. The Ducru and the Barton are also brilliant as well as Beychevelle now in early maturity.

This Barton is more straightlaced than the sensual 2000, but both are wonderful. The fruit is ripe, the tannins fine and there is a clarity to the wine that comes from good acidity. It is evolving nicely, the fruit is mixed with minerality and spice, with the onset of mushroom and earth. 95


I love LB but the stubborness of them young makes me look elsewhere and tend to forget them when looking at EP purchasing.

Good reminder to look for some aged versions.

Thanks for note Mark.


Had this a few months ago (from 0,75) and thought it was good but not outstanding.

A friend shared the '96 from 750 a few months ago and it was superb, though still surprisingly young. No rush to open those.

1990 :muscle:


Is the '96 Las Cases ready to go, or still in need more time? I’ve been sitting on a couple bottles (for 20+ years) and was wondering whether NYE '22 might be the time to open them.

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@Marc_Frontario and I have shared two bottles over the past two years, plus the 1996 Ducru. Outstanding wines. These are both major backfills for me at this point.

Sorry no up to date notes. Last tried five years ago.

Last tasted in 14. Very nice wine.

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