Leonetti Cellars Waiting List

Just received an email saying my wait is finally over for Leonetti. I’ve probably been on the waiting list for about 5 years now, and wondering how many others were probably added as well. Seems like more and more lists seem to be opening up…with the exception of SQN and a very few others. Any thoughts? Are these lists just old hat now? People not buying because of the economy? Or should I just be grateful that I made the list finally and buy whatever I’m offered? -mJ

Depends on whether you like it. For Leonetti, try a couple of older bottles (readily available) and see if you like them enough to keep them on YOUR list. It is a distinctive style.

I was on it for some years but personally I found it wasn’t a go to wine…

Also, they send you the standard allocation offering in early winter and if you want it all you can buy it then.

In early spring they come back to you with the leftovers. It is an extreme form of bundling… buy everything or get what folks don’t want. That more than anything convinced me to move on.

Brian that is not quite how the allocation works. You have the opportunity to buy your full allocation in the fall. If you pass you can buy what you want in the spring. Your post implies that there is the possibility the wine will sell out in the fall. That has never been the case. Furthermore all the wines offered in the fall have always been available in the spring.

Mark, from what I read of your tasting notes I would suspect you will like the cab, merlot and reserve cab. I usually buy a mixed half case or so but have passed on the sangiovese for the last several years.


A couple of things… 1) I don’t necessarily agree that you should taste a bunch of old bottles and then decided. There was a significant re-planting and a wine-making style change a few years back as they wine making transitioned from Gary to Chris Figgins- While the wines are still big and relatively oaky- they are not the oak monsters or yore (to my taste) and they won’t turn as badly into pickle juice
2) I expect they are greatly expanding their list this year as they were having trouble selling last year and a ton hit retail. I saw a full pallet of cab at esquin in Seattle.
3) There are two stages of Leo offer. In the fall they send a letter that is basically take full allocation or don’t respond. There is not picking and choosing. If you don’t want your full allocation, then you simply ignore and wait for the Spring mailer. In the Spring the second letter comes that allows first come first serve order of whatever didn’t sell out in the fall through full allocations. I never had trouble getting what I wanted in the spring, but then again I expect they are heavily expanding the list.
4) I am actually dropping off unless a friend of mine wants some this year. I generally only want a few bottles for my own consumption as the style is still bigger than what I generally choose to drink- and can get those at retail if I still wanted them. Funny it took me I think 6 or 7 years to get on the list, IIRC.

The cab is also available in my market at a discount.

This isn’t the only “impossible to get” available either. There is some Martinelli Pinot around at reasonable prices too.

I also received the “welcome” email, but plan on passing since the wines are available at retail as Scott says. They’ve even been at my local Fred Meyer for a few years now. If the sole reason is the economy, then this may not always be the case, but I’ll take my chances.

Not to dissuade you from joining the list, but the past few vintages I’ve bought locally at Wine Library, et al.

Very good cab and merlot, though not a fan of the Sangio at the asking price.

If you want to try some before committing, I suggest going to The Pluckemin Inn. They always have a nice selection at not unreasonable prices, and the food is great!


Definitely have enjoyed their cabs on many occasions, but had no idea it was so easy to find at retail now. Will search some out for certain. If anything, I’ll take my chances in the spring. -mJ